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Depends. If the game is one of the first-round games going for points, then the game can end in a tie. If the game is an elimination game where a loss counts as elimination, a tie is not allowed. Instead, if a tie is present at the end of a 90-minute regulation game, an extra 30 minutes are played. If the tie remains after another 30 minutes, a penalty-kick shootout takes place. The penalty-kick shootout will continue until a winner is declared.

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Q: Can a world cup soccer game end in a tie?
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Soccer world cup end date equals soccer?

no...awesome squared = soccer

When did Australian Cup - soccer - end?

Australian Cup - soccer - ended in 1968.

What is end of a soccer called?

what is end of a soccer game called

How long does a world cup football match last?

90 mins unless penalty shots and extra time at the end of the game im 14 and am crazy about soccer

How does a soccer referee signal the end of a game-?

A soccer referee signals the end of a game by blowing the whistle 3 times.

When will the world cup end?

The world cup will end on 11/7/2010.

Did soccer games ever end in a tie?

Soccer games can end in a tie, in certain cup competitions if the game is tied it could go to extra time and if it is still tied then the game goes to penalties. In league competitions if a game is tied both teams will get 1 point each.

I know World cup soccer starts on June 11 2010 in South Africa but when does it end?

July 11, 2010

Why is so important to see the world cup?

because the good teams at the end shows their best soccer skill to win.

Is Nigeria is in socce14?

In order to find out if Nigeria is in soccer 2014 which is the World Cup that will be held in Brazil, one has to wait for the World cup qualifier matches to end. Nigeria is pooled alongside Kenya, Malawi and Namibia for the World Cup qualifying matches.

How many soccer players are there in the world?

Few days ago, i am analytical soccer world round 92% people love soccer, end 80% playing a soccer game i am also playing I bought soccer jersey, soccer Sock, etc one shop

How is soccer won?

soccer is won by the team with the most points at the end of the game.

What is the sign used by soccer officials to end the game of soccer?

the whistle is blown

When does the World Cup end?

The 2014 World Cup will end on Sunday, July 13th, 2014.

When did World Indoor Soccer League end?

World Indoor Soccer League ended in 2001.

When did the world cup end?

The world cup ended on 11/7/2010.

When did Australia World Cup end?

Australia World Cup ended in 2008.

Where are the post in a soccer game?

In the middle At the end of each field

How many minutes in an soccer game?

In a soccer game there is 90 minutes but if the ref or the officials. they can add on another 1 to 6 minutes at the end of the game.

How many minutes is one world cup game?

90 Minutes unless its tied at the end then tere is overtime.

What happens if the score is tied in the end of the game in soccer?

It depends, if it is a league or a friendly game, they will just leave it like that. But if it is a cup game, they would go into extra time for half an hour, and if it is still a tie after that, it will go onto penalties.

When is the World Cup going to start and end?

The world cup starts on 11/6/2010, and it will end on 11/7/2010.

When does 2010 World Cup end?

The 2010 world cup ends on 11/7/2010.

How many times does a soccer referee blow the whistle for halftime and for the end of game?

twice for halftime. 3 times for the end of the game.

What is a draw in soccer?

draw in soccer is when both teams scores are the same at the end of the match. 0 - 0 2 - 2 If the soccer game ( football for us Brits ) is a cup match and a winner HAS TO BE FOUND, extra time is played, followed by a penalty shoot out till the winner is decided.