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yeah you can but it might be more comfortable if women use women clubs and men use men clubs

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โˆ™ 2010-03-21 16:20:59
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Q: Can a woman use men's golf clubs?
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What clubs do golf professionals use?

Golf Clubs

What do you use in golf?

golf clubs

Do tall women use men's golf clubs?

Yes, tall women can use mens golf clubs. But length is not the only difference between men's clubs and women's clubs. Womens' clubs are a lot lighter, and have more flexible shafts, this because women have slower swing speeds, so the shafts help the ball get in the air easier.

What does a golfer use?

Golf clubs, Golf balls and a Golf glove.

Do you use golf nets to cover your golf clubs when not in use?

Golf nets are not used to cover your golf clubs when not in use. Golf nets are used to stop the golf ball after you hit it. It is like a background stop for the golf ball. There are golf nets for indoor and outdoor use.

Im 5ft 2in do you need mens golf clubs?

You could use mens' clubs, but the best thing to do is to go and get custom fit. This way they can find the ideal length of club for you, maybe mens' clubs with a couple of inches taken off them. It depends how old you are, if you are still growing i wouldn't advise custom fitting, maybe just a second hand set of clubs which you could get cut down.

What are 2 examples of types of golf clubs?

There are different types of golf clubs golfers can use, depending on how they want to play. 2 examples of types of golf clubs are wedges and putters.

What do you use to play golf?

Golf clubs, golf balls and a glove is all you really need.

How do you know which golf clubs to use?

look at the yardage

Can you use your partners golf clubs if your on the same team?


How do you people use the element titanium?

golf clubs

What golf clubs did bobby Jones use?


Can a man use a woman's golf clubs?

Yes, they can. But they may be the butt of some jokes. Older men use ladies clubs because the shafts are lighter and more flexible so easier to get in the air etc.

Can you use women's golf clubs in men's high school golf?

Yes you can use women's golf clubs in men's high school tournaments. As long as they aren't switching clubs in the middle of rounds and are abiding by all of the USGA rules, then they are allowed to use any size club.

What type of sports use clubs?

In the sport of golf, a player hits the ball with a golf club.

Which professional golfers use Wilson Golf clubs?

There are many professional golfers that use the Wilson brand of golf clubs. Some of the players who use them include Ricky Barnes and Padraig Harrington.

What can guys use as dildos?

Screw drivers,sharpies, and golf clubs are what I use

Which golf clubs does rory mcilroy use?

He uses all Titleist clubs, and a Scotty Cameron putter.

What size golf clubs should I use I am 5'5?

a small one

How many clubs can you use when playing golf?

14 in your bag maximum.

What to use all the different golf clubs for?

See the related links section for the answer

What brand of golf clubs did Fred Couples Use?

He currently uses Bridgestone.

What type brand golf clubs does Tom Watson use?

He uses Adams

What is the most number of golf clubs a golfer is permitted to use in a round?

In competition rounds, players are strictly limited to 14 clubs.

When might one use a motocaddy?

A motocaddy is an electric golf trolley used to carry golf clubs and accessories. One might use a motocaddy on the golf course or when traveling long distances with golf equipment.