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Yes, as an emergency quarterback.

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Q: Can a wide receiver play quarterback if he is listed as a wide receiver on the 45 man active roster in the NFL?
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Who were 1976 Oakland Raiders?

John Madden was the head coach, Ken Stabler was the starting quarterback, Mark Van Eeghan was the leading rusher, and Dave Casper was the leading receiver. Click on the '1976 Oakland Raiders Roster' link below to see the entire roster.

Is former Grambling State University quarterback Bruce Sugene still with the New Orleans Saints?

He is not listed on the Saint's roster and his name is not on the NFL's active players listing either. He may be with a team in management capacity, but I can't find a listing for that.

How many corners in a football game?

It depends on the team. A team is given a certain number of roster spots, and is at liberty to have quite a few Corner Backs listed on the roster. Some use 3, some use 7. Also bear in mind that just because someone is listed as a Wide receiver or some other position, that doesn't mean they cannot be put in for a play to play another position. We often see this in the NFL. Recently the "wildcat formation" had the quarterback lining up at the wide receiver position - and for that play the quarterback was a wide receiver. Essentially a team can have as few or as many corner backs as they would like, within the limits of the entire team roster.

Who was a mute quarterback that played for the patriots?

The New England Patriots have never had a mute quarterback/player on their roster.

What is an active football roster?

The active roster is the list of 47 players who are activated for game play. The full team roster included 53 man roster and the 6 man practice squad.

Who was on the 1984 NFL Charger's roster?

Among the players were - Quarterback Dan Fouts Receiver Charlie Joiner Running Backs Earnest Jackson and Chuck Muncie Tight end Kellen Winslow Safety Tim Fox

Roster size of a afl team?

20-man active roster with a 4-man inactive roster.

How many people are on the Chicago Cubs?

Every team has a 25 men active roster. There's also an expanded 40 man roster which contains players that are eligible to be moved onto the active roster if one of the players on the active roster goes to the disabled list, is released, etc..

Who are the members of the Pittsburgh Steelers team for Super Bowl XLV?

The following Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl MVP awards:SB IX - Franco Harris (running back)SB X - Lynn Swann (wide receiver)SB XIII - Terry Bradshaw (quarterback)SB XIV - Terry Bradshaw (quarterback)SB XL - Hines Ward (wide receiver)SB XLIII - Santonio Holmes (wide receiver)

Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers fastest wide receiver?

The Steelers currently have five players on the active roster who are wide receivers. Mike Wallace Emmanuel Sanders Antonio Brown Jerricho Cotchery Arnaz Battle

How many players are on each NFL football team?

There can be no more than 53 players on an active team roster. There is also a stipulation that a team may only carry 45 players on its game day roster, so the team must decide each week on which 8 players will be inactive, or 7 if they carry a 3rd quarterback.

How many pitchers do the Texas rangers have?

11on the active roster. 18 on the 40 man roster