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It depends on the school's rules. You'll have to check with them

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Q: Can a varsity cheerleader play a sport and cheer at the same time?
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CAN varsity cheerleader play a sport and be a cheerleader?

Well it depends on what sport you play i think you can do it with basketball

What is it called to play a sport in college?

Varsity Athletics.

Why is cheeerleading a sport?

Cheer leading IS a sport. Most people think it is for girly girls but it actually takes more skill than soccer does. A cheerleader need more coordination than any other sport they will play except for softball. A cheerleader needs to have coordination, strengh, flexibility, aerobics and SPIRIT So for everyone who says you are such a cheerleader you might want to take that back because cheer leading takes skill and its NOT JUST FOR GIRLS!!!!! Guys are known to be great cheerleaders!!!!! SIGN UP TODAY

What sport does Miguel Espinoza play?

he is a varsity wrestler in northwesten high schoo

What is the difference between varsity and intramural and club sports in college?

Varsity is the team you play for when facing another school. Intramural is the team you play for when you face teams of the same sport with only students in your school.

What is Victoria Justice's favorite sport?

it is gymnastics and cheer

What sports did bill Clinton play in college?

Bill Clinton never played a varsity sport in high school or college. His favorite sport later in life and as president is Golf.

Can a senior student play on the junior varsity team?

Yes an any sport. Footbal Baseball Track Basketball Soccer ETC.

Is badminton a varsity sport in the US?

yes, and people get scholarships to play in college but its hard to find a college because there are very few

What are the levels that you play at in volleyball?

freshmen, JV (junior varsity), Varsity varsity is the highest

Can a varsity soccer player play junior varsity and varsity the same day in wiaa?


How much does it cost to play a sport at UCLA?

It doesn't cost anything, if you're good enough you can play. In fact the majority of varsity athletes 'get paid' to play for UCLA in the form of tuition scholarships