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No. The only time when a players arm and racquet can cross the net into the opponents side of the court is when the ball has bounced on their side and spins/blows back onto the opponents side.

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Q: Can a tennis player reach over the net to volley a ball before it has crossed the net?
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What is a volley in tennis?

A volley in tennis is a shot that is hit before the ball bounces on the ground.

What do you call hitting the ball before it bounces in tennis?

A 'volley'.

Are you allowed to volley in table tennis?

In table tennis, the ball must bounce on your side of the table before you hit it, so you can't use a volley.

How do you volley in tennis?

to volley in tennis you have to close your hands together if you where stretching your fingures

What is the tennis volley?

The act of successfully returning a ball that has been hit by the opponent player.

What games involve serve and volley?

Serve and volley is a term used in tennis. Serve and volley play is a style of play in which the player serves the ball, then moves quickly towards the net.

What is the collective noun of volley?

The noun "volley" is used as a collective noun for a volley of shots; a term used for gunfire or for tennis.

What does Volleys in tennis mean?

A volley in tennis refers to when a player hits a ball without the ball bouncing; this usually takes place when a player stands close to the net.

Is a volley of collective noun?

The noun "volley" is a standard collective noun for a volley of shots; a term used for gunfire or for tennis.

What is soccer tennis?

Soccer tennis is when you have a tennis net and you volley a soccer ball with your feet over the net to the other player. Whoever messes up or hits the net losses a point.

What does a volley mean in playing table tennis?

A volley is when a player obstructs the ball if he, or anything he wears or carries, touches the ball in play when it is above or travelling towards the playing surface, not having touched his court since last being struck by his opponent. So, very simply, a volley is when a player hits the ball before it bounces on his side of the table. This is not allowed.

Are you allowed to volley in tennis?

Yes, a volley is a legal stroke in tennis, as long as contact is made on one's own side of the net, and no contact is made with the net.

What is a strategy in doubles tennis where the net player on the serving side waits for the return and hits a quick volley is called?


Strokes in tennis?

Forehand Backhand serve volley smash

What grip do you use to hit a volley in tennis?

western grip

Which sports do girls wear skirts in?

It can be volley ball, and tennis

What is exchange of tennis shots called?

That's called a 'volley',

What are the tennis positions?

In tennis there is singles, and doubles. In both there is playing baseline/server, alley/net/volley.

Can an opposing player smash a volley when the ball has NOT crossed the net to THEIR side of the court even if they don't touch the net?

No,it is not allowed to reach over the net.

In tennis what is the name of the play when the ball doesnt hit the floor?


Where can you buy Prince tennis 'volley' backpacks in the UK?

you buy it at

In tennis are you allowed to volley a return of serve this would be desirable if the opponent has a weak serve?

If by what you mean is are you allowed to hit the return before it bounces - NO.

What is a baseline player?

A baseline player is a tennis player who rarely goes to the net, if at all, and sticks to the back of the court at the baseline rather than employing the serve-and-volley or chip-and-charge techniques.

How do you hit a drop volley in tennis?

Follow this link It has great information on how to hit a drop volley http:/

What is it called when the ball goes back and forth during a game in tennis?

a volley