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yes you can use long 'cat claw like' nails to touch the wall so its an advantage for swimmers who have long sexy nails

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โˆ™ 2009-01-14 05:23:39
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Q: Can a swimmer use long fingernails to touch the wall?
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How does each Olympic relay swimmer know when to go into the pool?

You must look down at the wall and your feet cannot leave the starting block until the other swimmer's hand touches the wall. That is why the lane judge walks up next to the starting block and watches to see the swimmers hand touch the wall in order to make sure the next swimmer does not leave early.

If a kg swimmer pushes off a pool wall with a force of 250 N at what rate will the swimmer accelerate from the wall?


If a 70 kg swimmer pushes off a pool wall with a force of 250 N at what rate will the swimmer accelerate from the wall?


Who determines what swimmer touches wall first in Olympics?

on the wall their is a touch pad and when touched it goes off it is all recorded electronically, when near the end watch the side of the starting block a light will flash red.

How is swimming played differently in the paralympics?

Able bodied swimming and dissability swimming is different as where people have missing limbs extra, the rules that apply in able bodied swimming cannot apply in dissability swimming. For example, on butterfly and breaststroke, the swimmer must touch each wall with both hands, but in a dissability meet, the swimmer would not be able to do this if they only hadhalf anarm. However the swimmer still has to push their half arm foreward as if they were going to touch the wall, but once their other handhas touched, they can turn. Hope this answered your question :)

What is outside of the wall on a horses hoof?

soft tissue and muscle. i think.... The outside wall of a hoof is keratin--same as fingernails.

What moves a swimmer forward in the water?

Well firstly it is the dive or a push off the wall that creates the momentum for the swimmer to go in a forward direction. this can be helped if the swimmer is in a streamline position. After that it is the pull and kick of the swimmer, how strong the swimmers pull and kick is depends on the speed.

How do they time the Olympic swimmers at the Olympic games?

The ends of the lanes have touch pads or sensors that respond to contact or pressure from the swimmer. When they hit the wall it stops the timer. Im sure they use other methods too.

Does Olympic pool have sensor in the whole wall?

Yes, they have touch sensors. There are timed touch sensors on the wall.

What was scratched into the wall in cell no. 21 in block 11 and how was it done?

Two religious pictures by his fingernails.

Do both hands have to touch wall to win in swimming breaststroke?

if you dont touch the wall with both hands, you will DEFINITELY get disqualified

How are laps timed in olympic swimming. Are there sensors to get the exact time they touch the wall?

yes they put these electronic boards on the wall and it senses it when you touch it

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