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yes they can

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Q: Can a student still play college sports even after they have tried out for a professional team prior to college enrollment?
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If you want to be in sports in college do you have turn professional?

No. If you want to be in sports during your college years you are certainly not required to turn professional. In fact less than 1% of all student athletes make it to the professional level.

Is college or professional sports more watched?

professional sports

At what point should an injured student see a sports injury professional?

An injured student should see a sports injury professional if rest is not taking care of their injury. You should also see a sports injury professional whenever you have severe pain after working out.

Is there a professional sports team in Boise?

No, only college teams.

Does Nevada have a state professional sports team?

no, only college

Does Las Vegas have a sports team?

Professional, no. College, yes.

What sports does Sports Illustrated cover?

Sports Illustrated covers many sports. The professional sports it covers are mainly NFL, NBA (and WNBA), NHL, MLB, and NASCAR drivers. The amature (or college) sports are college basketball (woman's and man's), college football, and college volleyball.

Can high school student skip college and go straight in to professional sports?

No because if they go straight to pro and as soon as they get kicked out or retire they have no other good paying job to do.

Is increasing College enrollment based on winning sports teams?

i would have to say no it isn't because most young men and women go to college to get a good education

Do academy sports help pay for college?

You can apply for a sports scholarship, which can reduce the financial strain on the student and/or parents.

How many years of college to be a professional sports coach?

20 to 24 years

What has the author Perry Bromwell written?

Perry Bromwell has written: 'The student athlete's handbook' -- subject(s): Handbooks, manuals, College athletes, College student orientation, College sports

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