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yes, they are made differently and of different substances and could be damaged when hit

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Q: Can a slowpitch softball bat get damaged if used with for fastpitch softballs?
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Can a fast pitch softball bat be damaged if used for slowpitch softball?

Yes, a slowpich ball is heavier. That is why a slowpitch ball makes an arch and drop straight to the ground. since fastpitch balls come in faster the bats are lighter and made to swing faster.............any other questions go to

Why was rubber chosen to be in a softball?

Well first of all rubber is chosen to be in a softball so that it can be harder to hit and safer if the ball was to hit you up side the head. So that's why rubber is chosen to be in a softball. ANSWER - it would not get damaged a lot

Does softball use sceince?

Yes. When talking about the new composite bats, one should not use them when the temperature is under 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because the ball gets harder, and the bats are more sensitive, which causes the bat to be damaged.

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