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Q: Can a serve bounce twice on the opponents side?
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How high must your serve be in table-tennis?

Tall enough to bounce on your side of the table, clear the net and then bounce of the opponent's side of the table.

How do you count table tennis points?

You get a point either: 1. When you bounce the ball twice on your opponents side without them hitting it 2. Bouncing it once on their side and then they can't hit it before it hits the ground 3. They hit the ball and it doesn't land on your side

What does ace mean in Badminton?

An "ace" happens on a serve where you hit the birdie to the opponents side and they miss. This is an "ace".

How many bounces are allowed on the court before a point is won in tennis?

Only 1 bounce. If it bounces twice on your side, you've lost that point.

What are the calls violation in table tennis?

if it doesn't bounce when someone hits it, and then you hit. then they get the point. when it bounces and goes off the side, then they get the point. :)

What do table tennis players say when they win a point?

To win a point at table tennis you need to make the ball bounce on your opponents side of the table, without it having bounced on your side first. If your opponent cannot return the shot in the same manner, you win the point.

How do you dribble in handball?

by kicking the ball side to side

Are table tennis and tennis the same?

similar, but not the same, no. for example, when serving in table tennis, the ball must hit YOUR side of the table, bounce over the net and then hit your opponents side. in regular tennis, it just needs to hit your opponent's side. the rules that are the same include: the ball must not bounce more than once on your side of the net, or you lose that point you may not hit the ball more than once when it is on you side of the net (meaning, if you hit it into the air straight up, you may not then hit it again to try to get it over the net) serving is done behind the back line, and must be done from one quadrant of the court (or table) and needs to bounce on the quadrant kitty-corner from the serving quadrant.

What are the foul lines on ping pong table?

there are no foul lines for singles in table tennis, but for doubles you are only allowed to serve from the right half of your side of the table to the opponents right half (cross court/table).

Can you score a point when receving the serve in volleyball?

No. The serve should be returned by three different plays - that would be a dig (usually from the back row), then a set (by the setter), then the hit. A serve cannot be blocked. Once the serve is returned then the blocking may begin.

How do you spin serve in ping pong?

It is all in the motion of the serve, instead of hitting the ball straight forward, slice the ball with the paddle in order to keep the ball along the entire surface area of the paddle in a more or less downward motion and that will induce spin.

What side do you stand on for your first serve?

On your first serve, you always stand on the right side, also known as the "deuce" side. No matter which set or game you are serving in, you always stand on the right side when serving for the first time. This goes for each game. However, in the standard tie-break which starts at 6-all, after the first serve, each players serves twice, starting from the ad (left) court, then from the deuce (right) court, until the tie-break is completed.