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Yes, i believe they are awarded two bases. just like in the majors if the ball gets thrown into crowd.

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Q: Can a runner advance on a wild pitch that goes out of play in little league?
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Can a batter advance past first base if ball four pitch is a wild pitch or passed ball. In other words is the ball still live and is the batter now runner able to advance as far as he wishes to try?

I can't speak for Little League or the leagues played by the younger folks but as far as college and Major League Baseball is concerned, the answer is yes. A runner is allowed to attempt to advance his/her position on the base paths at any time where there has not been a time out called.

With runners on 2nd and 3rd if the batter gets hit by a pitch can the runner on 3rd advance home?

No. When a batter is hit by a pitch, the ball is dead and no runners may advance. However, if the bases were loaded, then all runners are forced to advance and the runner from third would score.

In slow pitch with stealing may a runner advance on and illegal pitch?

yes, on an illegal pitch the upmire will let you advance a base.

Can runners advance on wild pitch that goes out of play?

The runner is awarded one base

What is an errant pitch that the catcher cannot be expected to catch and that allows a base runner to advance a base?

missed third strike No, a Wild Pitch.

Can a runner steal second base on a dropped third strike?

On a dropped third strike, if there's a runner on first and less than 2 outs than the batter is automatically retired, whether or not the runner from first was stealing on the pitch. If there are 2 out, the batter can try to reach base, and the runner from first would be forced to try to advance to second. As on any other pitch, a runner can always try to advance, but would only be credited with a stolen base if he left the bag when the pitch was thrown, not after it was dropped.

Does the runner have to wait until the ball has been hit to advance to next base?

No, he can advance by stealing the base, or advance on a wild pitch, passed ball, catcher interference or a pitcher's balk.

When Pitch hits you after you swing and miss?

Batter is charged with a strike, ball is dead (like a time out). No runner can advance.

What is an errant pitch that the catcher cannot be expected to cathc and that allows a base runner to advance a base?

intentional walk?

If a runner leaves 1st before the pitch - who gets the put out?

I assume that you are refering to Little League Baseball. Remember, you technically have to appeal the out by having the ball and touching the base. The stats should reflect these events because the runner is not out until the appeal.

When should a baserunner may run to the next base without being dismissed?

There are a few times a base runner may advance without fear of being put out. If the base runner is forced to the next base by a batter/runner being walked or hit by a pitch and for an illegal pitch being called on the pitcher.

In slow pitch softball if the batter-runner is hit by his own batted ball while running to first base he is out can the runners on base advance or must they remain at their base?

batter is out, runners do not advance