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A Rugby player can deliberately knock the ball back, but he/she cannot deliberately knock it forward.

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Q: Can a rugby player deliberetly knocks the ball back?
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If an offensive player is in the fore court and knocks the basketball out in the back court is it out or is it a back court violation?

its a back court violation

What was the name of the first welsh rugby union player to leave rugby union and go to rugby league and then back to rugby union?

The first player ever to do this was welsh ledgend Jonhathon Davies.

What is the name of person who converts try in rugby?

In rugby union, any player who is currently on the field can take the conversion. Frequently it is the Full-back.

What position does 22 play in rugby?

Number 22 in rugby is a player on the reserves. Therefore it could be occupied by a player of any specialised position. However, the player in number 22 is usually an outside back utility(playing centre, wing and fullback)

Does Sasuke carry Sakura back to Konoha?

No he knocks her out and leave her on a bench

What is a utility back in rugby?

Its someone who can play centre across all the positions in a rugby teams back position

Why is lock forward a good position to play in rugby league?

Because he can play with forwards or another player in the back line

What position does 15 play in rugby?

no# 15 is a full back in rugby union

What was the name of the first welsh rugby league player to leave rugby league and go to rugby union?

1993 = Iestyn Harris moved from league to union. In the previous years most players moved from the Union code to league and then back again

Who plays full back for England rugby?

The current England rugby full-back is Ben Foden. Hope this has helped! =)

What is the lump in the back of rugby Jerseys?

This is a GPS transmitter. It sends the player stats to the tactical team for post match training analysis

What does a back do in rugby?

A back is one of the seven players that stands outside of the scrum in a rugby game and do most of the passing and running with the ball.

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