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The Rook can , as any piece other than the opposing King , can check a King .

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Q: Can a rook check a king in chess?
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Can the king capture a rook while the rook is checking the king?

If a king is placed in check by a rook and the rook is unprotected, they yes, the king can capture it. Another way to view the situation is that if a rook is used to put a king in check and the king will not end up in check by capturing that rook, then the king may take the rook.

Can you casle in chess if you are therend yes or no?

no, if either your king is in check or your rook is able to be captured the next turn, you may not castle. Also, none of the squares between your king and rook can be threatened either.

In what board game do players castel to protect their king?

The board game in which players castle to protect their king and/or develop a rook is called Chess. To castle, the king and rook being castled can not have moved, the king may not be in check, there may not be a piece between the castling king and rook, and an opponent's piece may not be attacking the squares in which the king moves. To castle, the king moves two squares either towards the kingside rook or the queenside rook, and the rook is placed on the square the king passed through. Castling takes one chess turn.

What is casteling in chess?

Castling in chess is a special move where you move two pieces at once (your king and a rook). To castle the following conditions must be met: 1) the king and the rook have not been moved, 2) the king is not in check, 3) the king will not move through or end up in check, and 4) there are no pieces between the king and rook. To castle, move the king two squares toward the rook, then move the rook to the square on the other side of the king and adjacent to it like below: K _ _ R (before castling) _ R K _ (after castling) R _ _ _ K (before castling) _ _ K R _ (after castling)

What is castling in chess?

Castling in chess is usually used to protect the king and/or begin the development of the rook. There are some restrictions. First, there can't be any pieces between the king and the rook. Second, you can't castle if you have already moved the king or the rook you want to castle with. Third, if the square beside the king and between the king and the rook is under attack, you cannot castle. (You'd be moving the king "across" an attacked square, which is not allowed.) Lastly, you cannot castle if your king is in check. (You cannot castle to get out of check.) To castle, first move the king two squares towards the rook on the side you wish to castle on. Then pick up the rook and put it on the square that king "passed over" when it was moved to castle.

Can you take a queen with a rook in chess?

You may capture a queen with any piece, be it a rook, a pawn, or even a king.

Is castling in chess a move?

Yes... Castling - is the swapping positions of the Rook (castle) and the King. However - it can ONLY be done in the following circumstances... Castling consists of moving the king two squares towards a rook on the player's first rank, then moving the rook to the square over which the king crossed. Castling may only be done if the king has never moved, the rook involved has never moved, the squares between the king and the rook involved are unoccupied, the king is not in check, and the king does not cross over or end on a square in which it would be in check.

In chess can you castle from either side?

Absolutely, but the process involves a little different location of the moved Rook, depending if it is the Queen's rook or the King's rook.

Can you switch the king and rook in the game of chess?

There is a maneouvre in chess called castling. It can only be performed when neither the king nor the rook involved have been moved and when there are no pieces between them of either colour, and cannot be peformed while in check.It allows you to move the king two places towards the involved rook; the rook is then placed on the opposite side of the king.

Can castling be done in chess when the rook is under attack?

Yes, if the rook is attacked, you can still castle. You just can't castle if the rook is either in check, or would be castling through check.

What are some of the chess pieces?

Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, Pawn, King

What kind of chess pieces are there?

Pawn, Bishop, Rook, Knight, King and Queen.

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