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Q: Can a revolution speed facemasks fit on schutt?
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Can schutt face-masks fit a riddell helmet?

Generally, the answer is yes, as many college and NFL teams buy Schutt facemasks for their Riddell Revolutions or VSR-4 helmets. Schutt makes over 80% of the world's facemasks. There are specific model Schutt facemasks that fit Revolutions, otherwise the traditional Schutt facemasks will fit the VSR-4 helmet and other Riddell helmets. They can fit, but if you're like me and have a fat head, Schutt facemasks make Riddell helmets far too tight around the jaws. I am in the middle of customizing all of my Riddell VSR-4 helmets with Schutt facemasks ( like the pros) and have found that if you use Riddell thick bar clips with the Schutt facemasks, it makes a far better fit. I'm unaware if college and pro players do this, though.

Will a youth schutt face mask fit an adult schutt helmet?

no simple

Does the schutt t-DNA-ropo faceguard fit the schutt DNA recruit football helmet?


Does a schutt youth DNA facemask fit on a aduit DNA football helmet?

i need to know if Does a schutt youth DNA facemask fit on a aduit DNA football helmet?

Does the nike visor fit the schutt air xp helmet?


What is the lightest adult football helmet available?

The Riddell Revolution for Kids. Just go to Google, type in revolution football helmets, and click on Actually it is the Youth Schutt ION 4D. Go to and click on football helmets then click on the !YOUTH! Schutt ION 4D and that can give you locations by your house where they sell it. Or you can go to Google and type in schutt ion 4d football helmets and click on football America or team express. Actually the safest helmet is the Xenith X1. . It's a young company but their technology is proven to reduce concussions more so than the Schutt and Riddell counterparts. Because it's an advanced product, it's pricey. Your kid's brain health is priceless.

Can a Riddell Revolution Face mask fit a Riddell Speed helmet?

Yes it can just take your helmet with you if your going to a store to make sure because there are different visors. the ones with screws to like connect it to your face mask or the ones with plastic cuffy\s to hold it on preferbaly the screw ons are best you have a wide selection oakely under armor Nike, many more. So just check and make sur it fits the style of the Revolution and not just a standard.

When did Dance Dance Revolution Music Fit happen?

Dance Dance Revolution Music Fit happened in 2010.

When was Dance Dance Revolution Music Fit created?

Dance Dance Revolution Music Fit was created on 2010-01-28.

Does a youth shutt facemask fit an Adams youth helmet?

My sons youth football team uses Adams but the local sports stores only carry shutt facemasks. Last year I had to drill holes in the helmet for the fasteners to fit correctly. This year I removed some unnecessary chin strap buttons and the facemask fits just fine. I dont recommend drilling any holes in your helmet. Facemasks also come in different thickness so make sure you have the correct hardware. A Phillips screwdriver is all I needed to remove and replace the hardware.

What is the difference between a youth football helmet and an adult football helmet?

The difference between adult and youth football helmets varies by manufacturer. Here's a list of major manufacturers and the differences between their adult and youth football helmets.SchuttFor Schutt helmets, there are a handful of differences between their adult and youth helmets. These differences include materials, size of jaw pads, and sizing in some models.AdultShell made from PCA (polycarbonate) plasticCome standard with hard cup chinstrap, TPU padding, and 7/8 inch jaw padsUsually recommended for ages 14+YouthShell made from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene) styrene plastic*Padding varies based on model selectedCome with soft cup chinstraps*Standard jaw pads range from 1 1/8 in to 1 1/4For players 14 and under only*The only exception is the ION 4D. Both the adult and youth versions are made from PCA plastic and come with a hard cup chinstrapAdamsThere aren't many differences between the Adams youth and adult helmets other than size and length of warranty.AdultShell made from PCA (polycarbonate) plasticPadding varies by model5 year warranty on shellHigher liability coverage in case of injuryUsually recommended for ages 14+YouthShell made from PCA (polycarbonate) plasticPadding varies by model2 year warranty on shellLower liability coverage than adult helmets in case of injuryFor players 14 and under onlyXenithWith Xenith, the differences are in the details. The shells are basically the same, but you will find differences in the padding, face mask thickness, and materials used for buckles and clips.AdultShell made from PCA (polycarbonate) plasticMetal chinstrap bucklesClear facemask clipsUsually recommended for ages 14+YouthShell made from PCA (polycarbonate) plastic.Softer shocks throughout bonnetPlastic chinstrap bucklesWhite facemask clipsFor players 14 and under onlyWhat about the difference between adult and youth football face masks?This also varies by brand.Adams: Adams facemasks aren't classified as youth or adult. Any Adams facemask can be used on both adult and youth helmets.Schutt: Schutt facemasks also can fit on both adult and you helmets. They do have face masks labeled as youth, but they are youth by design only, not size. For example, the youth flex facemasks are made of lighter weight material and have more flex to help young kids get their helmets on and off, but they will still fit on an adult football helmet.Xenith: Xenith facemasks are size specific for adult and youth. A youth Xenith facemask will only fit on a youth Xenith football helmet, and an adult Xenith face mask will only fit on an adult Xenith football helmet. The youth facemasks also have thinner wires to keep them light weight.On another note, there is a common misconception that youth facemasks are made entirely from plastic; however, this is incorrect. For any brand, both adult and youth facemasks are made from high quality steel, titanium, or other metals, and are coated with polyvinyl plastic to add color and additional padding.

Does a DNA face mask fit a revolution helmet?

No I cant