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Yes, say it's 6-2 Mets over astros going into the 8th then the Mets blow the lead and the Astros are winning 8-6 but in the top of the ninth the mets rally and win that reliever who blew the game originally would get the win as long as he was in the game when the mets took the lead in the ninth.

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Q: Can a relief pitcher come into a game in a non-save situation then give up enough runs to have his team losing to then get the win?
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Who was the losing pitcher in game two of the 2013 World Series?

Boston Red Sox pitcher, John Lackey, was the losing pitcher in Game 2 of the 2013 World Series.

Is it possible to be both the winning losing pitcher in one game of baseball?

No, there is no way possible, but it is possible to be a losing and winning pitcher in one DAY!!!

Is it possible Be both the winning and losing pitcher in the game?


Who was the losing pitcher in the 1956 World Series?

Sal Maglie

Who was the losing pitcher of game 4 of 2004 ALCS?

The Red Sox beat the Yankees 6-4 in game 4 of the 2004 ALCS. Paul Quantrill was the losing pitcher.

Who was the losing pitcher in don larson's perfect game?

Sal Maglie

What pitcher had the most strikeouts in a losing game?

Randy Johnson - 19

Longest losing streak by a pitcher?

Anthony Young NY Mets

Will a starting pitcher still get the win if the bullpen lets the opposing team tie the game but then regains the lead later?

No once the game is tied, the winning and losing pitchers will be determined at that time. The winning pitcher will be the pitcher who pitched the last out of the half inning before his team took the lead for good, and the losing pitcher will be the pitcher who allowed the winning run on base

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Is it possible to be the winning and losing pitcher in a game?

Yes, although highly unlikely. Such a feat would require a pitcher being the last person to pitch for his team in a suspended game. That pitcher would then need to be traded to the other team involved in the suspended game. Before another pitcher pitches for his original team, the pitcher would need to enter the game and give up enough runs so that his new team is losing (this would only work if they were originally leading or tied). The lead would have to be preserved, such that he pitcher is still the pitcher of record for his old team and gets the win but is also now the pitcher of record for his new team and so gets the loss as well. Normally, in order to win you must be pitching at the time your team wins or the last pitcher to pitch when your team gains the lead. If you give up the lead, and your team cannot get it back, you will be the losing pitcher. If you are pitching when your team loses the lead, but your team does tie or gain the lead, it is concidered a 'no decision' and you will not record a win or a loss.

Do the pitchers' numbers beside the scores at the end of the game represent the winning and losing pitcher?


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