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No it is impossible for a regular season Baseball game to end in a tie. The longest game ever played was 26 innings long. No tie there.

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Q: Can a regular season baseball game end in a tie?
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When does baseball season end 2009?

the regular season ends on October 4, 2009

When does 2010 major league baseball season end?

The regular-season is scheduled to end on Sunday, October 3rd.

When did the 2011 Major League baseball regular season end?

The 2011 regular season ended on Wednesday, September 28th.

What season is baseball played in?

All of them, Execpt for winter. Spring-Spring training Summer-regular season Fall-End of regular season, playoffs

When does the baseball season end for the New York Yankees in 2011?

The Yankees final game of the 2011 regular season is on Wednesday, September 28th. The postseason will begin shortly after that.

When did baseball season start and end in 1979?

In MLB, the regular season started on April 4 and ended on September 30.The final game of the World Series was played on October 17.

What date does the reg NFL season end?

The last regular season game of the current NFL season is on December 29, 2013.

What date does baseball season end?

Regular season usually ends around October 1st, usually on a Sunday. Playoffs end in late October.

When does the 2010 baseball regular season end?

Sunday, Oct. 3rd is the final day of the regular season. The National League and American League playoffs begin on Wednesday, Oct. 6th.

How long was a baseball season in 1930?

The regular season lasted 154 games in 1930. The season would start in mid-April and end with the World Series starting the beginning of October. The final game of the 1930 World Series was played October 8.

When does the 2014 NBA basketball season begin and end?

The regular season will begin on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, with the defending NBA champions San Antonio Spurs to host a game against the Dallas Mavericks. The regular season will end on Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

When does the 2010 major baseball league season finish?

The regular season is set to end on Sunday October 3 barring any postponed games. The last guaranteed game of the 2010 MLB post season is Sunday October 31, which is game 4 of the World Series. Game 7 of the World Series will be played Thursday November 4, if need be.

How can a tie happen in a NFL game?

There can not be a tie at the end of the regular time period of the game. If there is, the teams play overtime. If neither team scores in overtime (15 minutes) in regular season, the game ends in a tie. There are no ties in the playoffs.

Is Bret farve retired?

yes. As of the end of regular season he is.

What month does baseball start?

Baseball's regular season usually begins in the beginning of April and ends in the beginning of October. Occasionally it starts at the very end of March, and occasionally it ends at the very end of September. The post-season is in October, and sometimes early November.

When did baseball season begin and end in 2013?

The 2013 MLB regular season began on March 31st and ended September 30th. The World Series ended on October 30th.

What is the maximum number of players permitted on a Major League Baseball team during the regular season?

From September 1 to the end of the season, teams can carry up to 40 players.

What are the baseball standings for the end of the baseball season?

Final Standings

Why did the giants vs lions game end in a tie in 1943?

There was no overtime for NFL regular season games in 1943. If the fourth quarter ended and the game was tied, the game was over and recorded as a tie.

Can you get the rest of the Major League Baseball stations at a discount for the rest of the season?

Yes, through directv, you can get all the MLB games until the end of the regular season as of September 15th for $69.

When does the baseball season end?

October 2009

When is the start of baseball season?

End of March

When does baseball season end?

October 2009

When is the NBA mvp award given?

At the end of the NBA's regular season.

When does the 2009-2010 NHL regular hockey season end?