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No, a redshirt cannot play in a bowl game without losing redshirt status

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Q: Can a redshirt play in a bowl game without losing redshirt status?
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Can a redshirt freshman play in a bowl game?

Not at this time (2012). There is currently a movement afoot to allow Freshmen Redshirts to play in the bowl games without loss of a year's eligibility. The reason given is because so many of the season's starters are banged up by bowl time.

Name the only team to go the Super Bowl multiple times without losing?

The 49ers 5-0

What is the current longest bowl losing streak with Notre Dame's win in the Hawaii bowl?

If your talking about there losing streak in the Hawaii bowl, they don't have one but they do have 1 win in the bowl(only) in 2009

Can you still have red shirt status if you play in a bowl game?

can you still have red shirt status if you play in a bowl game?

What football franchises have won the Super Bowl without losing a conference championship game?

I would guess all of them since to make it to the Super Bowl a team has to win its conference championship game.

Who was the First team to win a Super Bowl after losing one?

The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl IV, three years after losing the first Super Bowl to the Green Bay Packers.

What is the pay for losing the super bowl?


How can you empty a fish bowl without losing the fish?

you get a net to take out the fish and put it in a container while you're cleaning the bowl and put the fish back in when your done :) hope I helped :)

Does the losing team get money for a bowl game?


How much does the losing team get in the super bowl?


Has a NFL football team ever won the super bowl with a losing record?

No team has qualified for the Playoffs with a losing record, therefore, never getting a chance to qualify of the Super bowl.

How much does the losing team get paid for the super bowl?

Each player on the losing team will get a $44,000 dollar bonus.

What does Super Bowl loser get?

The losing team does get a monetary bonus.

Who has coached the same team in the NFL the most seasons without winning the super bowl?

Bud Grant.Grant was head coach of the Minnesota Vikings for 18 seasons (1967-1983 and 1985) without winning the Super Bowl. He guided the Vikings to 4 Super Bowl appearances (SBs IV, VIII, IX, XI) without winning.Currently (2009), Jeff Fisher is in his 16th season as head coach of the Tennessee Titans franchise without winning a Super Bowl. The Titans played in Super Bowl XXXIV but wound up on the losing end.

When has a NFL team with a losing record ever won a Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLII, that has never happened.

Who was the losing head coach in the first Super Bowl?

Hank Stram.

Who was the losing team of Super Bowl 1?

Kansas City Chiefs

Who was the losing head coach in first Super Bowl?

Hank Stram

How much does the losing NFL team earn for super bowl?


Who is the only player to win the Super Bowl MVP award playing for the losing team?

Dallas Cowboys LB Chuck Howley won the MVP for Super Bowl V, despite losing to the Baltimore Colts.

Who won the super bowl mvp but on a losing team?

1971 Dallas Cowboys Linebacker Chuck Howley in Super Bowl V.

When did Colorado play in a Bowl game last?

December 30, 2007 against Alabama in the Independence Bowl, losing 30-24.

Who was the last Super Bowl losing qb for raiders?

Rich Gannon in Super Bowl XXXVII against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Does the losing team of the Super Bowl receive rings?

Yes, the losing team from the Super Bowl does receive a Super Bowl ring. It is half the cost of the winning teams Super Bowl ring. Many players choose not to wear the ring because it symbolizes defeat. The losing team also receives 150 rings for players, coaches and staff. By rule, the cost of the rings may not exceed half of the cost of the winners' rings.

How much will the losing team get paid in the Super Bowl?

50 million dollars