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A player must reestablish position inbounds before touching the ball if that player has gone out of bounds. Position would be reestablished when the player that had gone out of bounds get both feet back inbounds. Once both feet are back inbounds, then the player may touch the ball.

**Not sure if there is any differences between HS, College or NBA. According to NBA rules: A player in control of a dribble who steps on or outside a boundary line, even though not touching the ball while on or outside that boundary line, shall not be allowed to return inbounds and continue his dribble. He may not even be the first player to touch the ball after he has re-established a position inbounds.

The link is under section 3b

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Q: Can a player step out of bound during a basketball game then come in bound to recover the ball that has been touched by his own teammate?
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