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Q: Can a player play baseball with a cast on his arm?
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Can a basketball player play with a cast?

you can but it would hurt your arm worse

Freshman football player wants to play with broken arm?

you have to get an athletic cast to play, other than that you are pretty much set

Can you play sport with a wrist cast on?

No. I did it once and broke my entire arm!

Can you play soccer with an arm cast?

Yes-i have played softball with a broken arm so soccer could be elligible

What muscle do you need to pitch for baseball?

The muscle that you need to throw a baseball is mostly your arm strength. All players need arm strength to play baseball because they all throw the ball.

Should you let your 14 year old play football with a arm cast?

yes i do it everday i play this year

How can you protect your healing arm while playing hockey after having cast removed?

You should not play until your arm is 100% - fully healed.

Can you play soccer with a cast?

of course! Just make sure that you are extra careful not to fall on your arm!

Is it a foul when a player dives forward with one arm out to keep the ball in play in volleyball?

No. It is encouraged.

Is it legal to drive with a plaster cast on your arm?

Is it legal to drive with a cast on your arm

What arm do you wear a baseball arm sleeve on?


What is something a football player needs to play football?

arm strength and some leg strength and pads

What baseball player had the strongest arm?

Most will say Roberto Clemente, but Vladimir Guerrero also had one.

Can you play lacrosse with a cast on arm?

I'm pretty sure you can, I've seen it done a couple of times but you still have to wear a glove over the cast.

Should you play basketball right after a cast comes off from a broken arm?

yea but u wuld be gay

What will you wear on your arm if you break your arm?

you will wear a cast or a brace

What are the five tools of a baseball player?

Running speed, arm strength, hitting for average, hitting for power, and fielding.

Is it a legal play for an offensive player to stiff arm a defensive player on their helmet or face mask?

Yes it is. Some may claim that it is a offensive foul, but one can 'stiff arm' the defender to a certain degree. The refs will call it if the 'stiff arm' was somehow unfair or too much.

What kind of force is in a baseball pitcher's arm?

right arm

What are some good activities to strengthen a throwing arm in baseball?

Well obviously lift weights, play catch alot.

What if your arm hurts when you throw a baseball?

Its probally that your arm is sore or your arm cant take the "Heat"

How to get dressed with an arm in a cast?

You can get dressed with your arm in a cast by pulling your clothing over your cast. If the clothing does not fit over the cast you need to find a different outfit.

Where can you get an arm cast in different colors?

One can get an arm cast in different colors at Ortho Tape in Bluffton South Carolina. If you would like to change your arm cast color everyday try CAST Coverz in Hollister California.

Where can you get a cast for a broken arm?

From the Doctor.

Which xbox 360 games are easy to play with only your left hand and a cast on my right arm?

Guitar Hero would do the trick.