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Yes. Once an umpire has called play to continue or has not blown his whistle to stop play, any player on the field can kick a goal from inside the boundary line at any time; there are no formal restrictions on who, when, where, or how as long as the ball is considered to be within the field of play.

Even when a player is awarded a free kick due to an opposition player kicking the ball out of play on the full, the player taking the free kick is quite at liberty to kick a goal directly from that boundary line free kick.

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Q: Can a player in AFL football kick a goal at any time from the boundary line?
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Related questions

In football can you be offside from a goalkick?

No. A player cannot be offside directly from a goal kick.

How do you know when its a goal kick?

If the crosses the goal line (but not into the goal), and last touched an offensive player; it is a goal kick. It is a corner kick if it was last touched by a defending player.

In football if a player takes the penalty kick but a team member enters the pits before the kick takes place what happens?

If the penalty was successful, then no goal is awarded and the kick is retaken. If the penalty was not successful, then no goal is awarded and an indirect free kick is awarded to the defense. They will not get a 2nd shot at the goal because their own player infringed.

Can you score direct from kick off in football without the ball touching any other player?

A goal may be scored directly from a kick-off.

What happens when shooting to the goal from indirect free kick?

The ball must be touched by another player for a goal to be scored. If no other player touches it then no goal is scored and the restart is a goal kick.

What are the rules for goal kicks and corners in football?

A Goal kick also known as a Bye Kick, is awarded if the ball is put out of play behind the Bye Line by an opposing player. The goal kick can be taken by any player but it is usually the Goal keeper. The ball is placed on any part of the 6 yard box and kicked into play. All opposing players must be at least 10 yards away.

What are the rules regarding goal kicks in football?

Several contributors made notes on the rules concerning the goal kick in association football/soccer. They are condensed here:The kick can be taken from anywhere in the goal area (the small box) and is not in play until it has left the penalty area (the big box) into the field of play.After the kick, no player may touch it until it has left the penalty area. If they do, the goal kick is retaken.If the ball does not enter play, if it does not leave the penalty area or crosses the defender's goal line before entering play, then the goal kick is retaken. This applies even if it enters the kicking team's goal.A goal kick is a direct free kick, if it goes straight into the opponent's goal then a goal is awarded.If a goal kick does enter play, but somehow enters the kicking team's goal directly, no goal is awarded and the restart will be a corner kick for the opposing team.

Who takes the goal kick in soccer?

A goal kick may be taken by any player on the team.

Can you be offside of a goal kick?

A player may not be guilty of an offside offense directly from a goal kick.

Can the opposition be in the penalty area whilsta goal kick is being taken?

Not legally. No player is allowed in the penalty area whilst a goal kick is being taken other than the player taking the goal kick (usually the goalkeeper). If anotehr outfield player takes the goal kick then the goalkeeper can be in the penalty area. No player is allowed the touch the ball after the kick is taken until it leaves the penalty area.

How do play football?

well you have kick in the goal with your feet

How do you explain how football is played?

football is played when 2 teams of eleven players kick a bal around and try to kick it into the goal.

Why do they kick a field goal after a touchdown?

Because after a touchdown, the player will kick into a field goal to 1 point.

What does a NFL kicker do?

they kick the football in the case of a kickoff, punt, turnover or field goal kick.

How do you drop kick an American football?

You drop kick an American Football by letting the football touch the ground just before you kick it. You hold the football with the laces up, the point out, and the football about waist high. You drop the ball so that it lands on a flat part just behind the point between two seams. It touches the ground a split second before you kick it. The objective is to kick it between the goal posts. A drop kick scores an extra point or a field goal. Thus, a player can be standing on the 10 yard line after a touchdown. He can look at the defense. If they are set up to try to block the kick, he can try to pass the ball for 2 points. If they are set up to defend against the pass, he can drop kick for one. He can be on the 30 yard line. If the opposition is in one defense, he can drop kick for a field goal, otherwise he can punt to put them near the goal, or even try to pass for a first down. If he is good, the drop kick can be an effective weapon.

What is a goal kick?

A goal kick is a direct free-kick awarded to the defending team. It is awarded when a player from the attacking team causes the ball to cross the goal line and a goal is not awarded (for example, because the ball went wide of the goal, or a the ball crossed to goal line as a result of an indirect free-kick). A goal-kick is taken by the goalkeeper or any defending player placing the ball in his own goal area (six yard box) and hoofing the ball upfield. Technically a hoof is not compulsory, but the fast majority of goal-kicks are hoofed upfield. All members of the attacking team must leave the penalty area until the ball has left the penalty area following a goal kick. The ball must leave the penalty directly from the kick. If the kicker fails to kick the ball outside the penalty area, the kick is retaken. A goal can be scored from a goal kick, because a goal can be scored from a direct free-kick. An own-goal cannot be scored from a goal kick, because an own-goal cannot be scored from a direct free-kick. A goal kick is called a goal kick because it is taken from the goal area (six yard box). A player cannot be offside from a goal kick.

Who done the longest goal kick in football?


What is the name of the thing you kick a football for a field goal?

Goal posts, commonly referred to as "uprights."

Distance of player on a goal kick?

All opponents must be outside of the penalty area when the goal kick is taken. No player may touch the ball again until it has left the penalty area or the goal kick is retaken.

In football if a player takes a penalty kick and the ball hits the post without touching another player including the keeper can he touch it again?

During the taking of a penalty kick, the kicker may not touch the ball a second time until it has touched another player.The goal post or crossbar is not another player.The goal keeper is another player.

What happens when a soccer player kick the ball out of bound?

there is a throw in on the sides on the oppositions side there is a goal kick or a corner and on your side a corner of a goal kick

What kind of kick is it when you can score without another player touching the ball?

A goal can be scored directly (without any other player touching the ball) from a kick-off, goal kick, corner kick, or direct free kick as far as restarts go.

How to make a soccer goal?

(if your choosing) pass the ball to another player on your team, and kick it in the opposite teams goal (the goal where you need to score). or kick the ball in yourself.

Why do footy players HANDball when the game is called FOOTball?

It's part of the rules. Just as a goal keeper can catch and touch the ball in English football, Australian rules football has rules that allows the players to touch the ball sometimes. To score a goal a player MUST kick the ball.

In football what happens if you miss a field goal on first down?

If the field goal is blocked, and you recover, you can re-kick another field goal. If you miss the field goal it is a turnover. So, it is best to kick your field goal on 4th down