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Yes. If the pass would be considered an assist if the scorer was not fouled, it is also considered an assist if the scorer was fouled.

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Q: Can a player get credit for an assist when the scorer gets fouled?
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What Constitutes an assist in field hockey?

If you get an assist in field hockey, that means that no player (besides the goal scorer) touched the ball after you get it and pass it to the scorer, finishing the ball. Here's the play-by-play: the ball is in your possession. You get rid of the ball and another player on your team gets it in the goal and scores.

What is - points in hockey?

a point is a goal or an assist. You get an assist if you pass the puck to the goal scorer (1st assist) or pass to the person who passes to the goal scorer (2nd assist). All goals and assists count as one point. For the NHL, most goals is the tie breaker for the Art Ross trophy given to the player with the most points.

What constitues an assist in football?

It is when a player directly passes, or crosses a ball to the goal scorer. However for some own goals can be assisted

Who is the leading assist scorer in NHL history?

Sydney Crosby

When a player gets caught in a rundown and a runner scores from third does anybody receive credit for a RBI?

Yes, the Official Scorer will credit a batter with a RBI in the event of a runner scoring from third in the event of a player getting caught in a run down however Official Scorers also will have the right to not credit the batter with a RBI in the event that they do not believe that the batter would have advanced the runner on third base to home plate.

Who is the only british player to be top scorer in the serie a?

There were no British players to be a top scorer in the Series A. Italians have the most top scorers.

What player was top scorer in the premier league?


Who gets credit for making the out when a batter is out of order?

By MLB rule, the fielders that made the putout/assist on the incorrect batter shall be given the putout/assist for the correct batter. If the incorrect batter reaches base, the putout is given to the catcher. MLB Rule 10.3(d) states ... "When a player bats out of turn and is put out, and the proper batter is called out before the ball is pitched to the next batter, the official scorer shall charge the proper batter with a time at bat and score the putout and any assists the same as if the correct batting order had been followed. If an improper batter becomes a runner and the proper batter is called out for having missed his turn at bat, the official scorer shall charge the proper batter with a time at bat, credit the putout to the catcher and ignore everything entering into the improper batter's safe arrival on base. If more than one batter bats out of turn in succession, the official scorer shall score all plays just as they occur, skipping the turn at bat of the player or players who first missed batting in the proper order."

Which Welsh player was top scorer on the 1997 British and Irish Lions tour to South Africa?

Which Welsh player was top scorer on the 1997 British & Irish Lions tour to South Africa?

Who was top scorer for LFC player in 1973?

bill shankling

What is the difference between a scorer and a shooter in basketball?

A scorer is someone who can get to the hoop, often by slashing through the defense around the top of the key. A shooter is someone who particularly can shoot the ball, often from the perimeter. A player can be both a shooter and a scorer.

Who is the Africa highest goal scorer in the English premier league?

The Chelsea and Ivory Coast player dider drogba has been the top scorer for a few years.

Who is the top scorer player in the English premeir league now?


How are assists determined in hockey?

== == If player number 11 has scored a goal , after he got a pass from player number 34, who got a pass from player number 10, numbers 34 and 10 will a point for an "assist" on the goal. The player who scored the goal gets a point for scoring it. The players goals and assists are part of their "personal season records" not the team's record. The NHL has a trophy for the top goal scorer.

What does the announcer say when someone scores a goal in hockey?

The arena announcer will the name of the goal scorer, name of the player(s) credited with an assist for the goal and the time of the goal. If the goal was scored during a power play he (or she) will say if it were a power play or short-handed goal.

Who is the leading Africa player goal scorer?

In England it is Drogba of the Ivory Coast.

What is different between best player or top goal scorer in FIFA world cup?

the best goal scorer isn't always the best.It also matters on your passing and assisting

How can a soccer player score 3 legitimate goals in regulation time without another player touching the ball?

It's near the end of the first half, and the player in question scores an own goal. In disgust he retrieves ball from his net. His team then has the re start, so that same player takes the kick-off, kicking directly for the opponent's goal and is fouled in the penalty box. He takes the spot-kick and scores. Ref then blows whistle for half-time, goal scorer retrieves ball from net and hands to ref. At the start of the second half, ref hands match ball to goal scorer who resumes play with kick-off, hits ball into opposing penalty area again and is brought down, penalty. He scores from the spot, no other player has touched the ball during the three-goal sequence.

What are the rules in playing damath?

kick the player and laugh loud when the scorer was angry smack him

Who is the player highest scorer in one day international cricket in a inning?

Sachin Tendulkar

Can there be an assist on an error in baseball?

Yes. If the official scorer deems that an out would have been made had another fielder not made an error after the player who would have gotten the assist played the ball, the assist is given. If the first baseman drops a throw from an infielder that would have made an out on a ground ball, the infielder is given an assist and the first baseman is given an error. If the catcher throws a perfect strike to second base to catch a runner stealing and the second baseman drops the ball allowing the runner to be safe when he would have been out by five feet, the catcher is given an assist and the second baseman is given an error.

Which Pittsburgh Steelers player was the highest scorer in 2009?

In 2009, Jeff Reed was the highest scorer on the Steelers with 122 points.

Which man utd player never scored then went to Portugal and became top scorer?


Which player has more goals overall?

Alan Shearer is the all-time top goal scorer, with 260.

Who is the highest goal scorer in career in the world?

Pele is the only player to score 1,200 odd goals.