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As long as the two hands do not touch the ball at the same time or the palm of the hands never face up, resulting in a travel, or also known as a carry.

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Q: Can a player dribble with one hand and then the other and then the other and then the other?
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How does one perform a killer crossover dribble move?

A crossover dribble move is performed when the player dribbling the ball switches the ball rapidly from one hand to the other, to make a change in direction.

Is there a with one hand double dribble?


How do you dunk with one hand?

You take your hand and dribble up to the basket jump with the other leg and have the ball in hand and dunk.

What is unique about the Iverson crossover dribble?

The Iverson crossover dribble is unique because it fools the defender in basket ball into thinking they are going the other way. It involves using one hand then the other.

What are the rules for single handed dribble in basketball?

If you dribble with one hand you don't have any rules other than: If you hold the ball and move it is travelling. If you stop dribbling then start again it will be a double dribble. I hope this helps narrow it down

Can you dribble using two hands?

Yes you can. That would involve dribbling with one hand and passing it over to the other hand, thus dribbling with two hands.

What is the double dribble rule?

Double dribble is when you dribble with both hands on the ball at one time and they eventually call a double dribble and the ball is handed to the other team.

How high does one dribble a basketball?

by moving your hand up and down on the basketball

Can a basketball player pass off the other team?

yes, you can pass the ball off the other team to get your dribble back when you don't have one.

What is the difference between dribbling and passing in playing basketball?

When you pass you:Launch the from your chest to the player with two hands When you dribble you:Bounce the ball on the floor with one hand

How do you dribble a basketball between your legs?

This dribble is a quick way to move the ball from one hand to the other when you are closely guarded or when being overplayed and you want to change dribbling direction.Let's assume you are dribbling with your right hand and want to change over to your left. Keep your dribble low. On the last dribble you take before the changeover, put your right hand laterally on the outside of the ball and push it hard between your spread legs. You left hand must be close to your legs to receive the ball with the fingers spread out and pointed to the floor. Continue dribbling with your left hand.

What are the two double-dribble rules in basketball?

There are 2 ways to double dribble. One way to double dribble is to dribble the ball pick it up and start dribbling again. The other way is to dribble with both hands at once.

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