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Yes. An injured player doesn't need to go onto the Disabled List, and they frequently don't, especially for a minor injury. The Disabled List is a device set aside so that players who cannot play can be kept on the team's roster for 15 or 60 days without using up a roster spot. In other words, if a team called the Bulldogs had a center fielder named Bob Jones who had to miss 15 days, they could put him on the 15-Day Disabled List, which would allow them to call up a minor league player to use his roster spot, with no penalty. If he is not put on the DL, then he can start playing again at any time, but his roster spot cannot be filled by anyone else.

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Q: Can a player be hurt and not be disabled on a mlb roster?
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Is a player on the MLB restricted list a part of the 25 man roster?

No, if a player goes on the Restricted List then he does not count against the team's 25-man Major League roster.

Who decides the MLB disabled list?

If you mean "Who decides on which player goes to the disabled list" that would be the general manager of the team.

What if a Major League Baseball baseball player gets hurt in the postseason?

MLB teams are allowed to adjust their rosters between, but not during, postseason series. So, an injured player would stay on the roster for the rest of the series even if he's unable to play; after that, the team could replace him on the roster before the start of the next series.

What happenes when a MLB player gets seriously injured?

They go on the disabled list and maybe dropped from the team

How many players are there in MLB?

There are two rosters in baseball; the 25-man roster and the 40-man roster

How many innings are there in MLB?

There are two rosters in Baseball; the 25-man roster and the 40-man roster

How many mlb players are there?

There are two rosters in Baseball; the 25-man roster and the 40-man roster

Which MLB team was the last to have a black player on their roster?

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If a Major League Baseball player is brought up from the farm team in September can they play in the playoffs?

Yes, but only in case of injury. According to MLB Rule 40A: "A player must be on his club's active big league roster or disabled list (or bereavement list, suspended list, or military list) on August 31 in order to be eligible for post-season play." However, there are rules that allow for players that were called up in September to replace players that are injured during the playoffs and placed on the disabled list. In these cases, the replacement player must have been on the team's 40 man roster and must play the same position as the injured player.

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