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The referee is allowed to caution or send off a player or substitute after a match has ended. In most leagues, the resulting consequences (i.e. sitting out future matches) will be the same.

Even if a card is not shown, say a referee is approached in the parking lot, the behavior will still be included the game report and the consequences would still be the same. Showing the card is merely a method of communicating. The referee's failure to do so does not absolve the player from the consequences of their actions.

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Q: Can a player be cautioned after the match has ended?
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How long are you out if you are cautioned?

Under the FIFA Laws of the Game, there is no requirement for a cautioned player to leave the field.

Can a goal keeper be cautioned?

A goal keeper may be cautioned just like any other player.

What does the yellow card in football mean?

A yellow card is shown to a player or substitute who is being cautioned and is basically a formal warning. If a player or substitute is cautioned twice in the same match, they are sent off which is indicated by showing them a red card.

What is the difference between being yellow carded cautioned and booked?

A player or substitute who is "booked" is being punished for misconduct; either a caution or a send off. A player or substitute who is "cautioned" is being warned. It is one type of misconduct. When a player is cautioned, they are shown a yellow card.

How long are you prevented from playing after getting a second yellow card or a red card?

The FIFA Laws of the Game do not put any restrictions on the participation of a cautioned player or substitute. They do require that a sent off player or substitute not participate in the current match.

Who gets a Yellow Card if a player on the field is fount to be wearing jewelry or illegal items?

FIFA rules do not dictate a caution for this offense. The player should be sent off the field until the equipment is corrected and the player must wait until the next stoppage to re-enter the field. NFHS (High School) rules dictate that the coach should be cautioned for the first offense in a match and the offending player cautioned on each subsequent offense for that team.

If a red carded player is sent off and a player enters instead of him without the knowledge of the referee will the team be disqualified?

No. Once this extra player is discovered, he/she will be cautioned (for entering the field of play without the referee's permission) and required to leave the field. Any goals scored during this time could result in the match result being invalidated and, possibly, the match replayed.

Is it illegal for a player to celebrate a goal by entering the stand?

Not illegal as such, but you will be cautioned by the referee

What is the process for 5 yellow cards in soccer?

A player cannot accumulate five cautions in the same match unless the referee is making a series of grave errors. Once a player has been cautioned for the second time in the same match, that player must be sent off and shown the red card. If a player accumulates five cautions in the same season, some leagues impose suspensions and fines, but this is not standard worldwide.

When did Match Mates end?

Match Mates ended in 1982.

Can a football player receive two yellow cards and continue a game?

If a player receives a caution and is shown the yellow card for the second time in the same match, that player must be sent off and also shown the red card. However, there have been cases of referee error when the send-off did not occur as required, and so the player was permitted, incorrectly, to continue play.

What does 'followed Comerford into the referee's notebook' mean?

I means that Comerford was cautioned and shown the yellow card, and the player being described was also cautioned immediately or shortly thereafter. The referee generally has a notebook to keep the official record of goals scored, sanctions issued, and substitutions made. As such, a player who is cautioned and shown the yellow card is often said to have been "booked", or in the case of this question, Comerford was "put into the referee's notebook", followed by the player described.