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yeah if you want to, but i don't know your towns rules because it's different for every town.

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Q: Can a pitcher wear sunglasses in little league baseball?
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What is the distance from pitcher to home plate in little league softball?

46 feet.

How far is the pitcher from the catcher in10 year olds baseball?

Little League Baseball Field measurements from the Pitcher's Rubber to Home Plate is 46 feet.

How far is home plate from pitcher in Little league baseball regulations?

46 feet. It does not matter his age it is 46 feet.

Can a pitcher re enter in little league majors?

No. Pitchers can re-enter once in Juniors and above, but there is no re-entry as a pitcher in Majors and below in Little League.

What color of undershirt is pitcher not allowed to wear in little league baseball?

White. They say it may distract the hitter because the ball is also white.

Can a little league pitcher re-enter?

A starting pitcher who is removed cannot re-enter in either league, if he is removed from the game. It's rarely if ever done in Major League baseball, but if a pitcher is removed as a pitcher but placed in another position he can later return to the pitcher position.

When was Little League World Series Baseball created?

Little League World Series Baseball was created in 2008.

Can little league pitcher throw a curve ball?

If he is skilled enough

How far is it from home plate to the pitchers mound in Little League Baseball?

The distance from home plate to the pitcher's mound in Little League is 46 feet. High school, college, and Major League Baseball standard is 60 feet and 6 inches (a mistake in measuring long ago but was left that way). Pitcher's mound distances are ALWAYS measured from the front of the rubber to the rear tip of home plate.

What is the Distance between the bases baseball?

In Major League Baseball, 90 feet. In Little League, 60 feet.

Can a little league pitcher stop his throwing motion when a hitter shows bunt?


Can a little league junior softball pitcher complete a continued game and then pitch the next day?

yes, there are no rules/regulations for pitching in softball. that's just baseball.