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No a pitcher isn't supposed to use a 1st baseman's glove.

however if you are talking about in a local league some umpires will not call you. i do by the way have had expierence where i had to change gloves during the game because i was called.

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Q: Can a pitcher use a first baseman's glove?
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Is it illegal to use a first basemans glove in the outfield?


Can a outfielder use a first basemans gloves?

It is not a good idea considering that a first basemans glove is designed for catching line drives thrown from other players in the infield. A good outfielders glove choice is a 13 and 1/2 inch glove

Can you use a first basemans glove anywhere on the field?

No, same goes for catchers gloves, only a first baseman can use a trapper and only a catcher can use a catchers glove

Can a third baseman use a first baseman's glove?

It is perfectly within the rules to use a first basemans mitt anywhere on the field. However, there is no advantage in using a first basemans mitt for third other than simply for catching. A third baseman must field more balls batted hard to him than a first baseman. This requires a glove that can not only catch the ball, but be flexible enough to scoop balls from the ground, shallow enough to shovel the occasional ball to second or short, and shallow enough to easily transfer a ball from glove to throwing hand for a throw to first, second or home. None of these traits are inherent in the first basemans glove.

Can you use a first baseman's glove at pitcher?

Yes I think

Do you use a special glove for first base?

yes a first basemans mitt because the are bigger and they are thicker so it wont hurt your hand but some people in little league just use normal baseball gloves

Can a left fielder use a first basemans mitt?

A fielder can use his palm if he wants.

In softball can a pitcher use a first base glove?

You can if you wanted to, but most pitchers don't...most use an infielders mitt. but you wouldn't want to because it is dangerous and to heavy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What type of glove does Carlos Pena use?

Carlos Pena uses a first baseman's glove.

Can you use a black and bright orange catchers glove in little league?

The only position that a distracting item can be removed by the umpire, is the pitcher. You could have a lime green glove as a catcher!!!

Can any infielder use a first baseman's glove?


What is a pitchers glove?

A pitcher glove, short stop, 2nd base, 3rd base and outfielders are usally all the same. 1st base and catcher are the only people who shouldn't use a "fielders glove" as most players call it.

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