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As long as the pitcher steps OFF the rubber first, then yes he can. He may not, however, spin and throw to second base. HE MUST step off the rubber and become an "infielder."

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Q: Can a pitcher throw to second with a man on first who is trying to steal second base?
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Who is it easier to steal first base from left or right handed pitcher?

You can't steal first base. It's easier to steal second base off of a right handed pitcher because the right handed pitcher has his back to the runner on first, and therefore has a harder time trying to pick the runner off.

When can a runner steal second base?

when the pitcher makes his first move towards home.

Who covers second in a steal from 1st base?

Either the second basemen or the short stop in responsible for covering second when a runner is trying to steal.

What was the thief trying to steal on poptropica?

The Theif is trying to steal The Scream painting

How do you do stealing in baseball?

You start running when the pitcher pitches the ball and then you make it to the bag before the catcher can throw it to the base you are trying to steal.

What base was Herman Schaefer the first to steal from second?

First base, in 1908.

Why is second base the easiest to steal?

Cause it is the longest throw for a cather home and first are both 90 ft awawy and there is no pitcher in the way Cause it is the longest throw for a catcher third is only 90 ft awawy and there is no pitcher in the way

Player to steal first then second then third and home?

Eric byrnes

What is a steal in softball?

A steal is when you run from one base to another when the pitcher is pitching.

If a runner is going to steal from first base to second base and the pitcher throws the ball to the first baseman can the runner run to second instead of going back to first?

Yes. A runner who is picked off first can instead try to take second. This will often happen on a slow move by a left handed pitcher, where the runner thinks the pitcher is throwing home. Sometimes the runner makes it in this case, in which case it is scored as a stolen base. The first baseman often needs to take a few steps towards the pitcher rather than wait at first base for the ball to arrive in order to have enough time to throw out the runner.

Can a pitcher in the pre set stretch position run directly towards a runner trying to steal without first disengaging from the rubber?

Yes as long as he doesn't lift his leg and motion it towards home plate.

Who backs up the pitcher on a throw back from the catcher to home plate on a pass ball where the runner is trying to steal home from third?

another player

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