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Not unless the pitcher is just put onto the mound after the bases are already loaded. If he pitches, and there are 2 outs already, and someone catches the batters hit, then yes, he pitched that inning. Or if he pitched and there was a triple play, which would be hard to do unless the other fielders had excellent timing.

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Q: Can a pitcher pitch one inning by throwing only one pitch?
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If your team goes ahead in the top of the inning and a new pitcher goes in in the bottom of the inning - which pitcher gets the win - the starting pitcher or the 2nd pitcher?

The pitcher who got the last out in the previous bottom of that inning. In other word, that pitcher can be credited with the win by making only one pitch. If I'm called in as a reliever and get a ground out to end the inning and then my team goes ahead in the top of the next inning, I would be the winning pitcher. Even if i only threw one pitch.

What are the fewest number of pitches before removed from game?

several times a starting pitcher has been removed after throwing only one pitch (usually due to injury).

Can a pitcher be put into a position on the field after pitching to pitch later in the game?

It depends on the level of play. Some allow that if the starting pitcher is removed from the mound, but put in a defensive position, he can then come back to pitch later in the game, but only once an inning.

How can a pitcher throw only 25 pitches in a nine inning game? the losing pitcher for the visitors, the score would be 1-0, the only run scored is a solo HR off of the 1st pitch, all 24 outs recorded were in the field off the 1st pitch,......25 total pitches!

Who gets the win if both pitchers pitch 3 innings in a 6 inning game?

Assuming it's an MLB game that's shortened to 6 innings, the winner would have to be the second pitcher because, by default, the starter cannot be credited with a win unless he pitches at least 5 innings.

Can an Major League Baseball pitcher pitch consecutive games?

Yes, a pitcher can be moved to another position temporarily and then moved back to pitcher. Managers often made use of this strategy during the 1980's, moving a pitcher to a corner outfield position for one batter and then moving him back. As managers started carrying more and more relief pitchers on their rosters the need for this sort of maneuver lessened.

If a little league pitcher throws warmup pitches is he required to pitch to a batter?

Only if the pitcher warms up on the diamond.

How many times can a coach go to the pitcher's mound before the pitcher has to leave the game?

A coach can go to the mound as many times as he likes in a game. he can only go a few times per inning.The pitcher doesnt have to be removed. If the manager goes to the mound twice in one inning the pitcher must be removed from the gameNot correct.Baseball rule 8.06 is VERY clear that a visit by either the manager OR a coach can only occur twice in an inning before the pitcher must be removed:8.06 A professional league shall adopt the following rule pertaining to the visit of the manager or coach to the pitcher:(a) This rule limits the number of trips a manager or coach may make to any one pitcher in any one inning;(b) A second trip to the same pitcher in the same inning will cause this pitcher's automatic removal;

How many trips to the mound before a pitcher must be removed I know the second visit per inning requires removal but how many can be done for an entire game?

In MLB, there is no limit for the game ... only for an inning. On the second visit for a particular pitcher in an inning, that pitcher must be removed from the game.

Who is the Only pitcher in history to win a game without throwing a pitch?

B.J. Ryan accomplished this on May 1, 2003. Here is the link to the game summary: Greg Garrett, a relief pitcher for the California Angels, also won a game without throwing a pitch against the Milwaukee Brewers on July 1, 1970. Game Summary link:

Who scored the only run in Tom Browning's perfect game?

Barry Larkin scored on a throwing error in the sixth inning.

Can a manager substitute a pitcher after he has thrown a pitch to a batter?

Yes, if the batter was retired with that 1 pitch or got on base or was hit by the pitch. In other words if that batter is no longer up or if this was not the 1st batter the pitcher has faced and the pitcher threw a strike or a ball then the manager could take him out or if the pitcher suffered an injury with that one pitch. If the pitcher comes into a game and throws only one pitch and the batter is still up and there is no injury to the pitcher, then the pitcher must pitch to the batter till he is retired or reaches base on a hit, walk, error, fielders choice, etc.