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There is no requirement that an attorney sign a contract

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Q: Can a partner sign a contract without partners knowledge?
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Can a partner upgrade condo without partners consent?

Your answer depends on the legal complications involved with co-ownership of the title. If there is no written agreement, and no underlying agreement such as a marriage contract involved, you may find the answer you want from your attorney.

What rights does a cohabiting partner of years have after the partner dies without a will?

Answer: When a person dies without a will and has a long term partner to whom he is not married, the partner is not an heir. Unmarried life partners MUST have good quality wills drafted to protect each other's interests in their possessions.

Can an employer sign my name to a contract without my knowledge?

No. This is forging a signature and is illegal.

How can you sue your business partner when they have closed down the business without consent or knowledge?

in a way

Can someone get HIV infections from infected partner without any cut from both partners during sexual intercoarse?


Your sister and you share a property without your knowledge she has signed a contract with an estate agent is this valid?

If you are equal owners, the contract can only encumber your sister's half interest. She cannot contract to sell your interest.

How can I transfer my Partnership firm?

There are restrictions on the transfer of ownership interest in a Partnership firm. A Partner cannot transfer his/her interest in the firm to any person (except to the existing partners) without the unanimous consent of all other partners.

Can both partners have chlamydia without having symptoms?

Since 80 to 90% of women and 50% of men with chlamydia have no symptoms, it is common for neither partner to have symptoms even if infected.

How much is a tmobile behold without a contract?

it is 399.99 without a contract

Is there any way as a foreigner at sixteen years in Egypt to marry twenty one year old partner without parent's knowledge?

Vegas baby.....

If a contract is changed without the knowledge of the guarantor is it valid?

A contract is valid when there is a meeting of the minds. Once a contract is signed, it cannot be changed unless written as an addendum and signed by all parties concerned. A verbal agreement cannot override a written agreement.

Can you get HIV if you and your partner clearly don't have it?

If you are faithful to each other (i.e. neither of you have other sexual partners) then you cannot contract HIV through sexual intercourse. However, your words 'clearly don't have it' are disturbing as one can have HIV without symptoms. I suggest you both go along together to get a test so both your minds are put at rest.

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