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No, do not attempt this. bb's are small and will jam up the gun, as well as being unsafe to fire.

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Q: Can a paintball gun shoot bb gun bullets?
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How do you spell bebegun?

A BB gun is a kind of pellet gun, used to shoot BB sized bullets.

Can you shoot 17 cal bullets from a bb gun?

No. They are not designed to fire a 17 cal bullet

Can a bb gun shoot air soft bullets?

Not normally. BB are 177 cal, air soft is 6mm

Should you get a paintball gun or bb gun?

I'd say a paintball gun because you can't go pro or go to a bb arena there's a paintball arena so i'd say paintball

Can you reuse your bb after you shoot them?

no it will jam your gun and it will break. amazon has bullets for a dollar. don't take a risk to try it

Are BB gun bullets the same as air-soft gun bullets?

No airsoft is much larger

Can a 22 caliber pellet gun shoot 6mm airsoft bullets?

Not recommended. Airsoft BB are plastic and may not withstand the force of the 22 pellet gun.

Why do BB gun bullets hurt?

Because the air pump in a bb gun makes the bb feel like a pinch

Is it legal to shoot a bb gun in Idaho?

Yes. You may shoot a BB gun as long as you do it safely and sensibly.

What is stronger a bb gun or paintball gun?

depends but mostly paintball.----------------------------------------Paintball will always be stronger than a BB gun. However pellet guns come in much larger sizes that the .177 caliber BB, They also go up to 50 caliber and can bring down a deer.

Can you shoot a bb gun in tn?

Many city ordinances will allow you to shoot a bb gun on your property as long as the bb does not go beyond the property boundaries.

What came first the BB or the paintball?

The compressed air gun, which shot metal bb's was invented before the paint marking gun.

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