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The pitcher can throw to 3rd with a jump pivot , but he has to throw, he cannot jump pivot and fake a throw.

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Q: Can a left handed pitcher throw to third base without stepping off the rubber?
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Can a left handed pitcher fake a pickoff throw to first base?

A left handed pitcher can fake a throw to first base so long as the pitcher disengages the pitching rubber with the pivot foot (in this case, the left foot) prior to feigning the throw. If a left handed pitcher feigns a throw without disengaging the rubber, it is considered a balk.

Does pitchers back foot have to break contact with rubber for him to throw to first?

No. Remember there are left handed pitchers and right handed pitchers. Almost every umpire will declare a right handed pitcher to have balked if his foot doesn't disengage from the rubber when he throws to first. A left handed pitcher simply steps and throws to first. His back foot usually never disengages from the rubber. To over simplify - a pitcher is called for a balk when the umpire judges the pitcher to have deceived the runner in some way. So, anytime a baulk is called, an umpire made a judgement call.

Can a right handed pitcher step off the rubber and then fake a throw to first base?

as long as you step off of the rubber you are safe to do anything you want, except throw home. It would not be a balk.

Does the pitcher have to start on the rubber or just end on the rubber?

The pitcher must have both feet on the rubber when receiving her signals and one foot must be in contact with the rubber when the ball leaves the pitcher's hand.

If a pitcher fakes to 2nd base while on rubber is it a balk?

If you fake to an empty base it's a balk. If you attempt to do anything except pitch the ball while on the rubber, it's probably a balk (a particularly sneaky left-handed pitcher may be able to get away with this however).

May a pitcher in the windup position throw to third base to pick off a runner without stepping back off the rubber with is pivot foot?

Yes...and no. Under OBR Rules (those which also govern MLB) and under NCAA rules, as long as the pitcher steps directly to the base without beginning a motion associated with his pitching motion, it is legal to pick from the windup. Under FED Rules (High School), the pitcher must disengage first.

What is the name for the pitcher's mound rubber?

It is called the rubber. Slab is the slang word for the pitcher's rubber. If you were to go to a sporting goods store to buy one, you would ask for a pitcher's rubber.Another answer:The proper name is the pitcher's plate.

In fast pitch softball does the pitcher have to be in contact with the pitching rubber?

Yes, the pitcher has to be in contact with the rubber or if not the pitch will be illegal

What does the pitcher have to be on when they are delivering the pitch?

The pitcher must be on the "rubber" when making a pitch.

What is the strip on the pitcher's mound where a pitcher must stand called?

pitching rubber

What is the pitching rubber?

the place where the pitcher stands.

Can a pitcher stand on the corner of the pitching rubber?

Yes. A pitcher must make contact with the rubber but it may be a toe, a heel, or the entire foot.

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