Can a king capture a pawn?

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Yes, the king can capture a pawn.

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Q: Can a king capture a pawn?
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Can a pawn capture a king?

Yes , a pawn can capture the King given the proper support .

In chess can a pawn capture a king?

No, a pawn can not check or checkmate a king.

How do you use a pawn to checkmate a king in chess?

The pawn can checkmate the king but only in conjunction with at least one other piece to protect the pawn from capture by the king and at least one enemy piece placed near the king so that it cuts off any escape avenues the king would have. If a pawn places a king in check and the king is completely surrounded by his own pieces in such a way that its only move would be capture the pawn and if no enemy piece is placed so that it can capture that pawn and if the pawn is protected from capture by one of its own pieces, the pawn has checkmated the king.

Can a pawn capture a King in the game of chess?

Technically, the king is never actually "captured" in chess. That said, a pawn can certainly be used to put a king in "check", though unless the pawn is protected by some other piece the king can simply capture the pawn on its next move.

How can a king capture another piece in chess?

The king just moves onto it, same as any other capture. The difference is that the king cannot capture a piece or pawn protected by another piece or pawn, as this would place him in check (attacked, subject to capture).

Can a pawn kill capture or checkmate a king in chess?

Yes, it can kill, or rather capture/checkmate a king in chess. A pawn can capture any other piece on the board. A king can be checkmated by any other piece on the board except by the other king.

In chess can a pawn capture a queen?

Yes, a pawn may capture any piece on the board as long as it is a legal move. One way it could happen is the pawn is blocking lets say a Bishop or a Rook from attacking the opponent's king. The pawn moves to a square where it attacks the Queen. Normally the Queen would either just capture the pawn or move away from it. But if the move of the pawn now places the king in check from that Bishop or Rook (this is called a discovered check) the King must move out of check. If the player now in check has no alternative but to move the King out of check, then once he moves the king, the pawn is free to capture the Queen.

Can pawn capture the king?

Yes. It is very rare. It cannot be done alone with a pawn. Other pieces must be "protecting" the pawn. This means there must be, for example, a rook two spaces to the right of it so the pawn can't be taken by the king. Bottom Line: The pawn must have protection for this to occur.

Can a pawn capture in front of it?

No, pawns can only capture diagonally.

Can you take a queen with a rook in chess?

You may capture a queen with any piece, be it a rook, a pawn, or even a king.

How do you capture in chess?

If an attacking piece moves to a square occupied by an opposing piece, the opposing piece is removed from the game ("captured") and replaced by the attacking piece. While knights, bishops, rooks and queens all capture by exactly the same means as they move to unoccupied squares, the pawn is an exception. Pawns may not capture by advancing forwards (as in their normal movement), only by advancing diagonally forwards. That is to say, a white pawn on e4 may not capture a black piece on e5, it can only capture black pieces on d5 and f5. A further exception applies to pawns in the case of an en passant capture. A pawn which has advanced two squares on its first move may be captured by a pawn on the same rank and an adjacent file as if the original pawn had only advanced one square. However, this capture is only legal immediately after the pawn makes the two square advance. For instance, with a black pawn on e4, white moves his pawn from d2 to d4; black may capture the pawn on d4 by moving his pawn from e4 to d3. This is to prevent pawns from being able to pass each other without risk of capture. Finally, of course, the king may not capture a piece which is defended, as this would be moving into check. Similarly, captures which expose the king to check are illegal. For instance, black rook on h3, black bishop on g3, white pawn on h2, white king on h1. White cannot play hxg3, as this would expose the king to check from the rook.

Can a pawn become a queen on a diagonal capture or a forward capture or both?

Pawn's can't capture forward, only diagonal. Yes, a pawn that reaches the eighth rank will be promoted if it reached it by capturing another piece.

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