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they can. but it would be called a safety and the opposing team would gain 2 points and the ball back by kickoff. because forward progress was made, it is the same as if the quarterback was sacked in the teams endzone. the receiving player who would do this would be quickly lynched by his own fans.

There is a reason why this has not been done.

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Q: Can a kickoff receiver catch the ball in the field of play and run back into their own end zone and take a knee for a touchback?
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Can you fair catch a kick off in the NFL?

Yes. Any kick, punt or kickoff, can be fair caught. One major difference between fair catching a punt and fair catching a kickoff is that the kickoff is a free kick. Where a punt returner deep in his own territory may call for a fair catch and let the ball bounce on the ground in the hope that the ball will bounce into the end zone for a touchback, the kick returner must catch the ball due to the fact that a kickoff is a free kick and the team that recovers a free kick is awarded possession of the ball.

Did the safety and the touchback positions in football have opposite definitions at one time?

Safety and Touchback are not "positions", they are the results of a play, and they do have opposite definitions at this time. A Safety is scored when the offense is tackled in the endzone and awards the defense two points, and the ball. A touchback is declared when the defense takes possesion of the ball (by interception, fumble recovery, punt, or kickoff) in their own endzone and elects not to try to return the ball upfield. A touchback awards the ball to the receiving team at their own 20 yard line. Own in football describes the side of the field the team is defending. You score points in the opponents endzone.

What If a field goal is kicked through then gets pushed out by wind?

nothing, a player will normally be there to catch it and play on. It's not a score because field goals must be attempted on a scrimmage down, not on a free kick like a kickoff. The only exception is the fair-catch kick, which allows you to attempt a field goal immediately after a fair catch. Therefore, if a kickoff goes through the uprights (and subsequently lands out of play), it is simply a touchback for the receiving team.

What is the longest punt kickoff pass and field goals in the Super Bowl 2012?

Field goal-38yds. Punt-62yds. Kickoff-end zone Pass-296yds.

Who catches the football in football?

Any one on the field can catch the ball really. It's primarily the wide receiver or the tight end.

What is the rule when a kickoff goes into end zone bounces back into the field of play but is untouched by the receiving team?

I'm not completely sure but I believe once the kicker has kicked the ball if the ball lands in the end zone it doesn't matter where it bounces after that, once its in the end zone it's automatically a touchback and play begins on the 20 yard line.

What is a starting receiver?

The starting receiver is on the outside of the field, is the number 1 receiver on the depth chart.

If a football that is punted goes through the goal posts is it a field goal?

no it's just a touchback No. A field goal can only be scored from a placekick or dropkick. The ball has to have made contact with the ground before it was kicked.

If a kickoff goes between the goalposts is that a fieldgoal?

No. Field goals can only be scored from a scrimmage kick that makes contact with the ground.

What positions go on the field for a kickoff in football?

special teams. it is a team chosen by the coach made up of the quikest from defense and offense.

What is song played leading up to kickoff for the Pittsburgh Panthers at Heinz field?

Kill Bill- The Battle Without Honor or Humanity

Where is the quarterback in the wildcat formation?

Either no where on the field or at a wide receiver spot.