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They can if the streets are owned by the home owners' association rather than by a municipality.

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Q: Can a home owners' association prohibit jogging on streets?
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Do all home owners associations own their streets?

Review your governing documents to determine the real estate assets owned in common with all other owners in your association. The roadways may be included, or not. There is no standard.

When was Norwegian Forest Owners Association created?

Norwegian Forest Owners Association was created in 1913.

When was National Association of Theatre Owners created?

National Association of Theatre Owners was created in 1965.

When was National Association of Women Business Owners created?

National Association of Women Business Owners was created in 1975.

What is the meaning of poa annua?

Property Owners' Association (similar to Homeowners' Association)

Can a non-mandatory Florida homeowners association be converted to a mandatory association under Florida ss 720.403 without the parcel owners consent?

A homeowners association cannot be a mandatory association without the consent of 100% of the property owners in the development attempting to establish an association. In addition to the consent of the property owners, the association must follow certain procedures and file the proper documents in order to subject the property to the association's rule.

Can a neighborhood fire their HOA?

If the 'neighborhood' is composed of owners in the association, then owners can vote to remove a set of directors. Your governing documents document this process. The association, however, requires leadership, so the owners will be required to elect a new set of directors to lead the business of the association.

Where would you find grants for a Florida Home Owners Association?

Although your association may be a valid Florida non-profit corporation, grants are not generally a source of income. Association income is based on assessments paid by owners.

Can Home Owner Association charge attorney fees to homeowners for a citation written by a lawyer?

Read your governing documents to determine how the fees should be charged, whether they should be charged to a limited number of owners, or to all owners in the association. Apparently, a citation was required to settle a difference of opinion among owners, or between owners and the board. Yes, this is association business, and yes, the fees should be charged to owners.

Does South Dakota law require a Home Owners Association to be incorporated?

Generally, according to the site, below, Articles of Incorporation are required for any home owners association. An association-savvy attorney in North Dakota will be able to answer your question with precision.

What does aopa stand for?

AOPA - The Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association...

What is the web address of the Dennisville Historic Home Owners Association Inc in Dennisville New Jersey?

The web address of the Dennisville Historic Home Owners Association Inc is: