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Not with his hand if the goalie is in the crease.

However, a player may fall (lay) on his goaltender, inadvertently covering the puck with his body.

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Q: Can a hockey player cover a puck on the goalies back?
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When you change hockey goalies during game can you change back?

Yes. Unlike baseball you can put any player back in the game. HOWEVER if the goalie is pulled its generally because he is not on top of his game and has let in some stupid or lots of goals. Therefore you usually don't see a goalie being put back in.

What are the fitness components in ice hockey?

Aerobic fitness, strong ankles, strong calves, strong thighs, strong hips, (strong abs for goalies), strong back, strong forearms, strong wrists.

what action indicates a hockey player is playing defense?

the player stays back to protect the teams goal.

Can goalies check?

Yes but the player can't body check them back and it would be stupid because then the other team would have open net because most goalies aren't the best skating and keeping balance with all there equipment on. So you can but it would be stupid.

What happens if a hockey player uses the back of their stick?

It's quite common for a player to use the back of his stick to control the puck. If he uses it for something else, such as to strike another player, that would be a penalty.

What is the average pay of a professional hockey player salary in the united states?

1.2 Million dollars. This was back in 1999

What determines a face-off win in hockey?

if the center man wins the puck back to his de-fence player

What is a back cover?

In publishing, a back cover is the cover protecting the back of a book.

What is back cover?

In publishing, a back cover is the cover protecting the back of a book.

What is a back check in ice hockey?

Back checking is when the offensive team turns the puck over and makes the transition to defense by rushing back to the defensive zone and picking a man up to try to get the puck back. Well im not sure what hockey background this person has but that is not what back checking is... I am a former pro hockey player and what it is to back check is this... A: Back Checking is rushing back to the defensive zone in response to an opposing team's attack. Players often try to 'rub up' behind the player with the puck to bother them. At the same time they try to hit the puck away with their stick.

Is there Slang in Hockey?

Yes there is lots of slang in hockey. Some examples are "Backcheck" (were a player comes back from the offensive zone to help out defensively. Or you might here "stripes" (another name for a referee).

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