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No, skaters cannot intentionally cover the puck or else it's a 2:00 delay of game penalty against the player.

If the puck is covered by a skater in the crease, a penalty shot is awarded to the opposing team. The crease is the painted area in front of the goal, and that area extends upward from the ice surface up to infinity. (Think of a half cylinder extending upwards from the ice.) If a defending skater cups his hand around the puck or otherwise covers it while in this "half cylinder" a penalty shot is awarded. The puck does not have to be touching the ice.

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Q: Can a hockey player cover a puck on the back of the goalie?
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Can a hockey player cover a puck on the goalies back?

Not with his hand if the goalie is in the crease. However, a player may fall (lay) on his goaltender, inadvertently covering the puck with his body.

What are hockey backs?

Hockey backs are the defenders. They aren't the goalie but they help defend on behalf of the goalie. If you are playing a weak team being a back can be quite boring but if you are challenging a strong team it can be quite an interesting game for you.

What are the positions played in field hockey?

Forward(wing), mid field (link), back or defender, sweeper(type of back), and goalie

What is the floor position in field hockey?

What position are you talking about? There is.. Center Forward Right Wing Left Wing Goalie 3 Full Back (Help the goalie) Fullback (Near the goalie) 3 Half Backs

When you change hockey goalies during game can you change back?

Yes. Unlike baseball you can put any player back in the game. HOWEVER if the goalie is pulled its generally because he is not on top of his game and has let in some stupid or lots of goals. Therefore you usually don't see a goalie being put back in.

Is it a foul when a player from team A passes the ball back to his own goalie and the goalie then kicks it into play?

no, the goalie can kick the ball. He cannot pick it up though.

Who was the first ice hockey goalie?

This question is extremely vague and the sport of ice hockey dates back quite far so is most likely remains unknown.

If you pull a goalie out during a game can you put them back in?

Yes, the goalie may return to his/her net when the player replacing him/her returns to their bench.

What is a good hockey goal celebration that is unique?

Why even ask this question? This is hockey, not football. Just put your stick in the air and let the goalie dig the puck out of the back of the net, already!

Who invented the goalie mask?

Probably the actual inventor of the mask will remain unknown. Masks were worn by some goalies after injuries even way back in the early days of hockey. However, goalie Jacques Plante of the Montreal Canadiens is credited with making the mask a permanent part of the goalie's equipment back in the fifties. I would suggest you Google Plante or goalie masks to obtain more information.

Where can one buy a top quality goalie stick in New York?

Top quality goalie sticks can be bought at hockey giant,halifax lacrosse stores and Don Simmons SPORTS.The latest goalie stick will set you back around £200 but it will be worth every single penny.

Which of these is a player's position in baseball Left Guard Running Back Goalie Right Field?

Right Field

How do you become a conditioned hockey goalie?

Plenty of on and off ice training. Use things that bounce back such as tennis balls off ice to improve your reflex skills.

what action indicates a hockey player is playing defense?

the player stays back to protect the teams goal.

Who is the goalie for the Pittsburgh penguins?

Marc-Andre fleury Back-up goalie is Bret Johnson

What are the positions to a field hockey team?

left forward, center forward, right forward, right mid-fielder, center mid-fielder, left mid-fielder, left back, center back, right back, sweeper, goalie.

What is each position in field hockey duty?

Forwards: Score goals. Midfielders: Run around to help both forwards and defenders. They usually take free hits. Defenders: Defend the circle. Sweeper: Stays back and helps the goalie. Goalie: Protects the goal.

What happens when a player from his own team passes the ball back to his own goalie and the goalie picks it up?

An indirect free kick would be awarded to the opposing team at the location where the goal keeper touched it.

Can a goalie pick up a ball that is headed back to him by his own teammate?

yes. headers are allowed. only kicking it back to the goalie is an offence.

Who is the Chicago Blackhawks goalie?

that isn't true, antii niemi was the 1st goalie,christibal huet is there back up

Can you touch the puck in hockey?

Sometimes. In a case where the puck has been flipped into the air, a player can use their hand to either redirect it back to the ice or momentarily "Palm" the puck and move it back to the surface of the rink. Holding the puck for any longer than it takes to get it back to the ice can incur a Delay of Game Minor penalty. In the case of the Goalie, they can catch the puck in their glove or trap the puck under their gloves or pads: Both situations cause a time stoppage and a faceoff in the goalie's Defensive zone.

Terms used when the puck bounces back off the goalie?

A save, rebound or deflection. Trust me I am a goalie! Em 27

In lacrosse Can any other player touch the ball with their hands?

No player is aloud to pick the ball up with there hands in lacrosse. Even the goalie, unless the ball is stuck on the back of the goal and can't be retrieved with a stick, then the goalie would get permission from the referee to pick it up and put it in his stick.

Who is Dallas stars back up goalie?

Tobias Stephen

What happens if a hockey player uses the back of their stick?

It's quite common for a player to use the back of his stick to control the puck. If he uses it for something else, such as to strike another player, that would be a penalty.