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Yes, of course, if he hits or slashes the goalie for example...

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2010-11-01 13:46:21
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Q: Can a hockey player be penalized during a penalty shot?
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Who is the man usually wearing a suit and holding a clipboard that sits in the penalty box with the penalized hockey player?

The Penalty Box Official.

In hockey if delayed penalty call and other team scores is there still penalty?

No. If the team who would've gone on the power play scores before the "penalized" team touches the puck, the penalty is nullified. On the other end, as soon as the "penalized" team touches the puck, play is stopped and the penalized player is sent to the penalty box. Sometimes, however, play is stopped as soon as the penalty is committed. An example may be if a player slashes another and breaks his opponent's stick.

What is the minus for a penalty during hockey play?

you get one player off the ice usually for about two minutes during the penalty

In hockey if you have a 5 minute major penalty can you get out if the other team scores?

In common Ice Hockey games, 5 minute major penalties are served for the entire 5 minute period. If a goal is scored during that 5 minute period, the penalized player serving the penalty may not return to the ice, until the entire penalty has been served.

Most penalized beer league hockey player?

Kaharaman Haskan

When a player is assessed both a minor and a major penalty in hockey which is served first?

The minor is served first (1st) but may be negated upon the scoring of a goal on the penalized team, where as the five (5) minute major penalty must be served in full.

If you get a major penlaty in hockey then get a minor penalty and the other teams scores does the player who got a minor penalty get out?

Yes because a player can't leave the box until his time expires during a major penalty.

Can a penalized lacrosse player be substituted in the designated penalty serving area?

once there penalty time is done a substitute can run in and the person in the penalty box goes back to the bench

What does penalty kill mean in ice hockey?

A penalty in ice hockey consists of losing one player who has to sit in the penalty box for a specified period of time (usually either 2 minutes or 5 minutes) during which his team must play one man short. The penalty is killed if the team prevents its opponent from scoring during this period of time.

Penalty shot awarded in ice hockey?

yes there is a penalty shot awarded in ice hockey when a player is on a break away and is tripped or interfered with from behind.

What is a penalty box in ice hockey?

A box between benches that a player has to sit in for the duration of his penalty time

How many minutes must a hockey player spend in the penalty box for a minor penalty?

2 minutes

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