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In my experience, unless you know exactly what you're doing, most golfers like to buy their own Golf clubs. however, there are tons of other options for golfers. I'd check out some of the links I'm attaching for gift ideas. There's everything from golf bag, rags, pins, gloves. It's unlimited.

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Q: Can a golfer use another golfers club?
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Should tall golfers use longer clubs?

A golfer should use clubs of a length that is comfortable for him or her. Generally, that means that a taller golfer will use longer clubs and a shorter golfer, shorter clubs.

What does Same Original Golfer mean when you are trying to get achievements in Tiger Woods 2008 xbox 360?

That means you have to use the same golfer that you have created. None of the golfers that came with the game, like Tiger.

What golf club do you use in the rough?

you can use any club, but as a dedicated golfer the better clubs to hit out of roughs are irons, wedges,and hybrids.

What is the name of the best club grip for golfers who don't use gloves?

GolfPride TourWrap 2G

Do PGA golfers always use the same caddy?

Yes, Professional Golfers always use the same caddy. They do so because they make get on well with them, they trust their club selection, are good with yardages and can help read putts.

On a golfers first shot what club would they usually use?

The most likely club they would use would be the driver. But maybe a 3/5 wood, hybrid or long iron, depending how confident they are.

How far does a 8 iron hit?

As with any club, it completely depends on the player. There are some old lady golfers who would use an 8 iron for a 75 yard shot, and there are some pro golfers that would use an 8 iron for a 175 yard shot.

What is the best stiffness in golf club?

It is imposible for me to tell you how stiff a shaft you should use because I don't know your swing speed. Golfers who swing the club at a faster speed in the downswing (faster swing peed) will require a stiffer, and possibly heavier shaft, whereas a golfer with a slower swing speed may need a more flexible and possibly lighter shaft. Depending on how serious you are about golf, you may want to get a club fitting. If you do this a golf professional will help you find the

What clubs do top pro golfers use?

Professional golfers use whatever clubs they want, some of the newer pros use whatever club manufacturer they are signed with. The brands are mainly Taylormade, Titleist, Ping, Callaway, Wilson. Just because a pro has a manufacturer on the bag, doesn't mean they have the clubs in the bag.

What type of club should a golfer use for a short range golf shot?

Very short range? Probably a putter.

What is the best driver for the average golfer?

For an average golfer an ideal driver would be one which has a reasonable amount of loft on it, say 10.5 degrees and a regular shaft, both of which will help get the ball airborne as well as providing good distance. In regards to particular brands of driver, there is no specific one which an average golfer should use, but higher handicap golfers tend to slice the ball, so an offset driver may be advantageous.

Why do a golfer have to say fore and not five?

It is "Fore", not "four", hence not "five" either. The "Fore" comes from the old use of "Fore-caddies" who were down the fairway looking for the golfers ball coming down the fairway from the tee. The golfer would yell "Fore" telling the "Fore-caddie" that the ball was on the way. Now, of course, "Fore" means "Watch out! Ball is coming your way."

What sport is a Callaway Heavenwood used for?

A Callaway Heavenwood is a club that used in the sport 'Golf'. Golf is a precision club and ball sport in wich golfers use many types of clubs to hit balls into a series of holes.

What sport uses wedge?

Golf uses a wedge. A wedge is a type of golf club and golfers mainly use it for hitting the golf ball out of the bunker. (sand pit).

What pro golfers use what?


When do you swap your clubs GOLF. decent quick answers please?

It depends. When exactly a golfer chooses to switch clubs and which clubs they choose is entirely up to them, however, the gist of club changing often says that the closer to the green you are, the higher number the club will have on it. The Woods (1-7) are mainly used when on the tee and possibly the first shot directly after. After them come the irons (1-9) The higher the number on the iron, the more severe the angle on it is. This means that the 1 iron when standing upright, the club face is almost perpendicular to the ground, whereas the 9 iron's face leans far closer to the ground. There are some rules in golf that state when a club must be used. These occur when the golfer hits the ball into a bunker, forcing the golfer to use a sand wedge. Also, when on the green, the golfer is permitted to use only the putter.

How do you choose which golf club to use on the course?

Choosing which golf club to use on the golf course can be very complicated. The club chosen on a given shot may be picked for many different physical or strategic reasons. Club performance varies from player to player and the proper selection for one golfer will not necessarily be a good choice for another. Below are the primary deciding factors for choosing what club to hit on the golf course.DistanceFirst and foremost, golfers will chose a golf club based on the distance they need or want the golf ball to travel on the current shot. The golfer must know, or at least have a good general idea of how far he/she hits a particular club. The golfer will fine tune the average yardage attained per club over time.For instance, an average male golfer may hit a 7-iron 150 yards. On the course the golfer will choose to hit his 7-iron when he is 150 yards from the target or the green.ConditionsExisting conditions may factor into the club choice above. If the player his hitting into a strong wind which will shorten the shot, a 7-iron will not be strong enough to travel the normal distance. A stronger club will be needed to counteract the wind resistance. Perhaps the golfer may choose a 5-iron. In that case the golfer has estimated that the wind is a �two club wind.� This means that the wind is strong enough to require two more clubs when hitting directly into it.Conversely, that same 7-iron may travel two clubs farther when a �two club� tailwind is behind the golfer. In that case, the golfer would choose a 9-iron which would hopefully travel the distance of a 7-iron when aided by the wind.StrategyIn golf strategy plays a big part of what club is chosen in a particular situation. While a golfer may know that he/she is a 7-iron distance from the green, there may be more to the selection than picking a club which should travel the exact distance to the target. Sand traps or hazards which must be avoided may influence the player�s strategy.A player who is hitting over a large body of water may choose strategically to hit a club which is stronger than the minimum distance needed, to insure that even a slightly mis-hit shot avoids the hazard.Strategically, a golfer may choose not to hit a driver or a club which might get him/her into trouble on holes which have doglegs (curves). The driver may be too much club and travel through the corner into a hazardous area, or into trees. In this case, the right club is the one which takes bad situations out of play.SituationCertain situations may call for a club which launches the ball at a particular angle. For instance, a player who is behind a tall bush may have to choose a club which gets the ball up high very quickly, despite the yardage to the target.Another situation such as the player being behind a tree may require the player to hit a very low lofted club to keep the ball below the tree.AbilityFinally, the golfer must pick a club which he/she can properly swing and execute shots with.Picking a 3-iron out of deep rough for instance, is not a shot a regular amateur golfer could likely execute and is therefore not a good club to choose.

Do all professional golfers always use gps rangefinders?

No, only some professional golfers use them. They aren't allowed to use them during tournament play, but even so only some of the golfers use them. Most use their caddies on a daily basis to develop a better relationship.

When does a golfer use a 3 wood club?

3-wood golf clubs are often used off the turf or on tee shots. There are many guide on the internet, for example on Dummies, which help finding the right golf club.

What is a handicap in golf?

The USGA (United States Golf Association) introduced a handicap system in the early 20th Century. The purpose of the system has always been to attempt to level the playing field for golfers of differing abilities, so that those golfers can compete equally. For example, imagine someone whose average score is 92 trying to compete against someone whose average score is 72. Without a handicapping system, it can't be done. At least not fairly. With a handicapping system, the weaker player is given strokes on certain holes on a golf course. That is, on a particular hole the weaker play may be allowed to "take a stroke" - deduct a stroke - from his or her score for that hole. At the end of the round, the two players of differing abilities can figure their "net score" - their gross scores minus the strokes they were allowed to take on certain holes. The USGA Handicapping System received a major refinement in the early 1980s with the introduction of slope rating for golf courses, joining the longstanding course rating as methods of rating the difficulty of a course. Course rating is the number of strokes a certain set of tees are expected to be played in by the upper-half of scratch golfers. Sponsored Links A USGA Course Rating of 74.8 means that 74.8 is expected to be the average score of the best 50-percent of rounds played by scratch golfers. Slope rating is a number representing the relative difficulty of a course for bogey golfers compared to course rating. Slope can range from 55 to 155, with 113 being considered a course of average difficulty. Par plays no role in computing handicaps. Only adjusted gross score, course rating and slope rating come into play. Adjusted gross score is a golfer's total strokes after allowing for the maximum per-hole totals allowed under Equitable Stroke Control. A player's official USGA Handicap Index is derived from a complicated formula (that, thankfully, players themselves do not have to figure) that takes into account adjusted gross score, course rating and slope rating. With as few as five rounds, a player can get a handicap index by joining clubs authorized to issue them. Eventually, handicap index is calculated using the 10 best of a golfer's 20 most recent rounds. Once a USGA Handicap Index is issued - say, 14.8 - the golfer uses that to determine his or her course handicap. Course handicap - not handicap index - is what actually tells a golfer how many strokes they are allowed on a particular course. Most golf courses have charts golfers can consult to get their course handicap. Alternately, golfers can use various online course handicap calculators, such as the one here. All that is needed is a USGA Handicap Index plus the slope rating of the course. Once armed with course handicap, a golfer is ready to play on an equal basis with any other golfer in the world. To take part in the USGA Handicap System, a golfer must join a club authorized to use the system. Most golf courses have clubs that can issue handicap indexes, so finding one isn't that difficult. But just in case, the USGA allows golfers to form clubs without real estate, which may be a collection of as few as 10 friends who are willing to form a club with a handicap committee. Once in such a club, a golfer will turn in or post his or her scores following every round, most often electronically by using a computer in the clubhouse or, if the club uses the GHIN service, by using any computer. The club's handicap committee handles all the computations and should issue handicap indexes once a month. Answer by FutureLPGAgolferTo put it simple, YOUR AVERAGE GOLF SCORE OVER ONE SEMESTER OR A YEAR.

How old do you have to be to play golf?

You can be any age at which you can use a standard club. Golfers have started as early as age 6. (Toy clubs and players under 9 or 10 are not allowed on many courses.)

What tees do pro golfers use?

The majority of pro golfers simply use long wooden white tees. Some like Kenny Perry use the zero friction tees.

What equipment do golfers use?


Do professional golfers use handicaps?


Which professional golfers use Wilson Golf clubs?

There are many professional golfers that use the Wilson brand of golf clubs. Some of the players who use them include Ricky Barnes and Padraig Harrington.