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Yes they could, but when they got the result they will be DQ ( disqualified). But if they told the referee first, they will just let them play but they won t be in match.

But the pros won t do like this because they knows the rules. And playing amateur tour does not earn much money than the professional tours.

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Q: Can a golf professional play in an amateur game of golf?
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How do you become an amateur golfer?

If you play golf, you will be classed as an amateur golfer. Unless you turn professional you will be an amateur golfer.

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What is pro-am basketball?

Pro-Am means Professional-Amateur. It basically means newbies get a chance to team up with the pros and play a game of basketball.

Is golf a sport or game?

It is a sport, although you can play a game of golf.

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what do you get when you cross a card game of golf

When did bobby Jones retire?

Bobby Jones retired from golf in 1930. A lawyer by profession, Jones was one of the best amateur golfers to ever play the game.

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Can you play a different kind of golf balls on different holes in the same round?

Yes, in amateur golf there is nothing stopping you. The only thing you cannot do is change ball midway through a hole. On the professional tours there is a one ball rule.

Are you counted as a amateur soccer player If you have been played in National team but have never been played in professional level?

Amateur, literally, is when you aren't paid. If you're getting paid to play soccer, then you're a professional. If you're not, then you're an amateur.

Which sport to they play for the eisenhower trophy?

The Eisenhower Trophy is a biennial world amateur team golf championship for men organized by the International Golf Federation.

Golf competitions get cancelled if weather?

On the professional golf tours competitions get cancelled if, the course is unplayable due to weather (water lying etc), heavy rain, high winds or threat of lightening. Then the players may get to play later that day or the next day. In amateur competition the weather does have to be very rough for the competition committee to call play off. Obviously if there is lightening it is too dangerous to play golf.

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