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If all holes are completed and the scores recorded then the gross stroke score would be taken as the record, not as points.

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Q: Can a golf course record be made in a stableford if all holes are completed?
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Can you post a partially completed round of golf?

If you are talking about Stableford, then yes you may have a NR (no returned score) on as many holes as you like. In stroke play if you have a NR your gross score will be NR and nothing will come of this.

How do you calculate the winner of a stableford competition when some players finish with the same score after 18 holes?

The Stableford competition is a popular golf game played in the UK with different rules than traditional golf. Even though two players can end up with the same score at the end of 18 holes, there are many penalties that can be given for various holes and number of strokes, that can change the outcome.

The number of holes in a golf course?

18 holes on a standard golf course.

Holes on a full gulf course?

There are 18 holes on a full golf course.

Can a player use his score for two different competitions?

Yes as long as one competion is not matchplay this is not allowed. You would have to finish all holes if one comp was stableford and one stroke.

What is the competitions in golf like?

At club level it is simply a collection of members playing the course and trying to shoot the best nett and gross scores. The two main types are stroke play where the players use one ball and record the amount of strokes used to complete all 18 holes. Stableford is where points are calculated using the difficulty of the hole for that player as determined by their handicap, set against the score they had on that hole.

What does 18h on a gc mean?

18 Holes on a Golf Course !!

18 h on a g c?

18 holes on a golf course

Guiness book of world records for most consecutive holes of golf played?

1,530 Holes - 1973 - Lebanon, TN - Raymond Lasater - Guiness Record

Holes in a full size golf course?

18 holes.

How many holes on a golf course?

There are usually 18 holes in a golf course; some have 9 holes or some multiplier of 9 holes. I have played at golf clubs with 9, 18, 27 and 36 holes. However, a standard "round of golf" at most golf clubs / courses involves 18 holes.

How many holes does a standard golf course have?

18. Some Have 9 Or 27.