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Yes. A goal keeper may score a goal directly from a throw (not a throw-in) or a punt.

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Q: Can a goalkeeper score direct from a throw out?
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Can a goalkeeper score with a kick out from his hands?

Yes, a goalkeeper may score a goal by drop-kicking the ball. The only times that a goal cannot be scored is directly from a throw-in, an indirect free kick, and immediately after an offensive foul or infraction.

Who is the first goalkeeper to score a goal?

Tony Roberts of Dagenham & Redbridge (England) and Wales national team was the first goalkeeper to score an FA CUP GOAL.. the first goalkeeper to score any goal is unknown.

Can a goalkeeper score using his hand?

He can only use his hands inside the painted box on the side he is assigned to. So if he can throw it that far, yes.

Can you score from a throw in in football?

No you can not score from a throw in.

Can the goalkeeper touch the ball with his hands from a throw-in?

Only if the throw-in was taken by an opponent.

Can a goalkeeper score by throwing the ball?

Yes he xan

How do you score a goal when d goalkeeper is out of the box?

how do you score a goal when the goal keeper is out of the box?

What is the penalty if the goalkeeper handles the ball from a throw in in his penalty area?

The goalkeeper is permitted to handle a ball received directly from an opponent's throw-in. If the throw is from a teammate (or himself), an indirect free kick will be awarded to the other team.

Who was the first goalkeeper to score a Premiership goal?

peter smeichel

Who was first televised goalkeeper to score a goal?

Pat Jennings!

Goalkeeper to score from his own box?

yes he did oh wow

WHO was last premiership goalkeeper to score?

Tim Howard of Everton.

If a goalkeeper kicks the ball into the opponents net is it a goal?

Yes..... I did it once from a goal kick and it was allowed..... There is nothing in the Laws of Association Football that prevents a goalkeeper from scoring a goal against his opponents. Likewise, if he were to score direct from a goal kick, that is perfectly reasonable.

Can a goalkeeper score from a kick from his hands?

Yes a goalie can score goal from a goal kick if he is kicking it from his hands.

In soccer can a goalkeeper kick the ball from outside and pick it up by hands?

It depends on how the goalkeeper received it. If the goalkeeper received it from a deliberate kick or a throw-in by a team-mate, then no. Otherwise, yes.

If a goalkeeper carries the ball out of his box is it a direct free kick or indirect?

A direct free kick.

Can a goalkeeper score a goal against the other team?

Yes all the 22 players can score if they hv the opportunity

Can a player score the goal bear foot when the ball rebound the goalkeeper?


Who was the first goalkeeper to score in the premier league?

Peter Schmeichel for Aston Villa in 2001.

Has any goalkeeper hit a direct goal?

Yes I think it is Paul Robinson

Can a soccer player score from a kickoff?

Yes. A player may score directly from a kickoff, goal kick, corner kick, direct free kick, or dropped ball. A player may not score directly from an indirect free kick or throw-in.

Why is it difficult to score a goal?

it difficult because see if there was no goalkeeper it would be easy but there is so it would be really hard for the defenders to score a goal.

Can a goalkeeper score a goal?

yes. Yes but the goalkeepers main job (belive it or not) is to defend the goals.

Can a goalkeeper throw a ball directly into other goal from his penalty area?

If they can throw it that far without it being stopped, then there is nothing to stop them doing so.

Can you score on a direct free kick in soccer?

Yes. Anyone on the field can score a direct or indirect free kick.