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Can they? Yes. Will they? Probably not.

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Q: Can a goalie dribble past the half court in Soccer?
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What is the half court rule in basketball?

dribble behind the half court line.....(not over and back)

Does James lafferty have a girlfriend?

He just got out of a year and a half relationship with soccer goalie, Rachael Wilson.

What do soccer and basketball have in common?

sportsstart in the middle of the court/fieldhave half timeshave to dribble in bothHope that helped.

How many positions are there in soccer?

you have the forwards, the midfielders (half backs), defense (full backs), and the goalie of coarse....which gives you 4 positions

Which ones are point guards?

Point guards usually dribble the ball to half court, annouce the play that will be played and most of the time they are the smallest on their team......

Are half court shots in soccer or basketball?

Half courts shots are in basketball. Playing area in soccer is called a field. In basketball a half court shot is a shot taken from the middle line, or the line where the jump ball is thrown up. Although very uncommon, a half court shot is worth three points and can be a very useful way to get your team ahead. Hope this helps.

What are the names of the different types of dribble moves in basketball?

-Double dribble. -Drool dribble. -Pee Pee dribble. (towards end of first half). These are all strictly based on experience. Anyone else? Google dribble?

What is the backcourt rule in basketball?

The backcourt rule in basketball is simple. Once a team crosses over the half court line once and they do it again it is backcourt because you have to stay on that side of the court. But if you are passing the ball in you can pass it to the other side of the court and then dribble it over but that is the only exception.

What are the vocabulary words for soccer?

half back- mid fielder full back- defender P.k- penalty kick. forward- forward goalie-only person allowed to use hands in the game

Can a soccer player do a gol in half court?

Yes it has been done various times already Hull city did it in 2009

Which soccer kick sends the ball from one end of the field to the other end?

A goal kick, taken by the goalie, is the most effective method on getting a ball to the other half of the pitch without ending the play.

What is a gaurd in basketball?

The guard is, in defense, the person who stands in the front. When the offense dribble the ball down, the guard is the first able to contact the ball. They stand in the front of the box, the part closest to the half court line.

What are the soccer positions in Italian?

goalie is "portiere" defender is "protezione" half back is "parte posteriore mezza" forward is "di andata" right wing is "destra" left wing is "sinistra" center forward is " di andata concentrare" center half back is "parte posteriore mezza concentrare"

In half court basketball can you pass the half court line?

The half court line would be considered out of bounds.

What is half court pressure in basketball?

Half court pressure is when the defense, defends from the half court line and does not let you go past it

How long is a boy's soccer field?

it is half of a men soccer field

What is it like being a goalie?

Very high tense at times when the puck is on your half but boring if it is not

What is half line in basketball court?

half court in basketball is a half court game between 2 or 4 people one team.

What is the story tangerine about?

It is about a family moving to Florida from Texas and Erick is the older brother and the younger brother is half blind and Erik play football and the younger one plays soccer and they both enjoy their event's. The younger brother is a goalie and the older one is a extra player.

Length of a soccer game?

In professional soccer, 90 minutes plus a half time break. Each half is 45 minutes.In high school soccer, each half is 40 minutes in length.

What are the duration in soccer?

The total time for a soccer game is 90minutes. the first half is 45 minutes and the second half is also 45 minutes

What is the square footage for basketball half court?

size of basketball half court.

Is the Fullback in Field Hockey also the Defender?

The fulllback does defend, but there are also the half backs and the goalie

How far away is the half-court line from the baseline in the NBA?

The NBA half court line (inside) is 47 feet from the half court line (inside)

What is ht in soccer?

Half Time