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And what does nipple size matter? Sorry, I don't see the point! I sure don't go around measuring.


No, there is no way to maintain a nipple erection. They become erect in response to cold, or sexual excitement. The size of the nipple and the areola (brown area around the nipple) are genetic and not subject to change, except that the nipple may change somewhat after breast feeding.

One woman's Opinion

I have seen many (as a midwife) and neither breast nor nipple size make any difference to the function of the breast (for feeding a baby) and as they were all pregnant women, the men didn't seem to mind either.

Reasonable alternative for anyone

Nipple size is important to some people. It is a matter of your own personal choice.

There are several cosmetics, (topical application, tattoo or even surgical) that can accomplish making them appear either larger or smaller as you desire. I should think any is a reasonable alternative to forcing a possibly damaging physical reaction.

Another Reason for Large Nipples

I think I know what you're after; My nipples are average, but I learned as a teen that guys get turned on to girls whose are "bigger." My breasts are not very big, 36B, but I found what are called Quarter Cup Bras that cradle my breasts and push them up. The bra has nothing to cover my nipples, leaving them exposed. When my nipples come in contact with the fabric of my tops, they get hard and erect, making them bigger. Of course, this means that my nipples are pressed against my tops and poke out. I mean, they really show. Guys seem to like the look.

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Q: Can a girl with small nipples make them appear larger by somehow keeping them hard all the time?
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