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Q: Can a game of football be a replay if it was abandoned and not by rain?
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How is an abandoned football match restarted?

If the match is abandoned due to rain it will start on another day.

What is the rule on rain stop play in a football game?

It is at the discretion of the referee. If the rain is so heavy that it impairs visibility significantly or contributes to a severely waterlogged pitch the referee can make a call as to whether the game is abandoned. If the waterlogging is the fault of the home team (e.g. cases where drainage is not up to the minimum league requirements) the game can be awarded to the visiting team. You dont stop the game you keep playing. Rain or not you still play the game. You stop the game.

Has a bears game ever been cancelled because of rain?

no football game has, they play through any weather!

What should a football coach wear during a cold weather game?

Rain coat

Who wins in a football game if stopped due to rain?

Neither team wins. The game is stopped and game is resumed at a later time.

Why does a major league baseball game get stopped for rain when a pro football game in the same weather does not?

Because the field will get messed up if the rain pools onto it and football is just regular grass. baseball fields are made of a special type of dirt that can be ruined if played on in the rain

Do football games ever get rained out?

In vegas do they pay if the game get called because of rain like the marshall- w.virgina game?

Where do you find rain dance in Sapphire?

Rain dance is in the abandoned ship near slateport city

Where do you find rain dance in ruby?

In the abandoned ship outside of slateport

Abandoned ship Pokemon emerald?

the abandoned ship in emerald is a ship that halfway sunk into the sea a little while earlier in the game. you can find ice beam and rain dance in there as well as the scanner and it is a good place to train your guys

How can rain be enjoyable?

You can play in the rain, my friends and I always play football or baseball in the rain

How does rain affect a football?

Like most objects, when a football is wet is becomes harder to throw and hold on to. Rain will not noticably affect the flight of a football as wind does.

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