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Rules can change from school to school, but if an athlete is extraordinarily talented, they may be able to play on the varsity as a freshman.

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Q: Can a freshman play on the varsity football team?
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Did Steve Garvey play for Michigan state football in the 1966?

No. Garvey was a freshman at Michigan State in 1966 and was not able to play varsity football as the rules back then did not allow freshman to play on the varsity team. He was on the varsity team in 1967 and earned a letter as a defensive back. Garvey left Michigan State in 1968 after being drafted in the 1st round of the MLB draft by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

If you get held back your freshman year do you play with the freshman football team or sophomore?

You will be put on the Freshman team

Did Florida State University ever have junior varsity football?

Yes FSU did have a Junior Varsity Football team. It was the Freshman class and they would play Florida, Miami, Auburn, Ga. Tech. Only allowed to play six games a season.

Can a football varsity player also play junior varsity?

No. A football player can only be on the junior varsity (JV) team *OR* the varsity team.Unless they get bumped down

Is jv volleyball only for freshman?

No. Both sophomores and freshmen play on the junior varsity team.

Do colleges have junoir varsity football teams?

Up until the mid eighties freshman played on a junior varsity team and upper class man played varsity on the collegiate level.

Can sophomores ever play on the freshman football team in in NJ?


Who was the first black football player at Oklahoma state university?

Running back Chester Pittman in 1957 on the freshman team and 1958 on the varsity team.

What position did john f Kennedy play in football?

John F. Kennedy played wide receiver for the Harvard junior varsity team. He player only in his freshman and sophomore year.

Did Michael Jordan get cut from his freshman team?

yes but the rest of highschool he played on varsity

What position did James caan play in football at MSU?

Quarterback for the Spartan freshman team, 1956.

Is there a Junior Varsity Football team in College?

no there isnt

What is a sentence for varsity?

My sister plays on a varsity team for Wolf pack. My high school varsity (American) football team repeatedly failed miserably.

Can a sophomore play on a freshman softball team?

Nope, you have to be a freshman in order to play on the freshmen team.

Do freshman baseball players play on the juniors baseball team?

Yes freshmen players can play on the JV or Varsity team. If the Coaches need a player . But remember its Coaches discussion to bring a player up or not

How long did Wilton Norman chamberlain go to college?

Three years and he played on the Kansas University varsity basketball team for two years. When Wilt went to college, freshman were not eligible to play varsity basketball.

Can a senior student play on the junior varsity team?

Yeah if there still not good enough to play on the varsity team but with the experience they should have a good chance at playing varsity.

Did George H. W. Bush play on freshman football team at Yale?

because he was a great football player and he loved in yale.

How do you make a Varsity team as a freshman?

You really just have to practice a lot and get good at whatever sport you want to play. Or you might be able to if you know the coach well.

When did Joe Montana play start playing for Notre Dame?

Joe Montana played with the Notre Dame Freshman team in 1974 and made varsity in 1975.

How do you letter in high school football?

You have to be on a varsity sport team.

What are the chances of a high school freshman making the basketball team if most of the school boys are trying out?

A freshman maiking the Varsity is slim at most schools.

Can a 17 year old Junior in High School that has never played football before play on a junior varsity team?

At most high schools, juniors are allowed to play on junior varsity teams. If you are good enough to make the team, you should be able to play.

How do you use the word varsity in a sentence?

In the United States, this word refers to the official team that represents a high school or college in a particular sport. Thus, one could play football with one's college friends for fun, but the one team that competes in the name of that school is called the varsity. (Players on the varsity wear the official school uniform, with the school's colors, and logo on it.) Here's a sentence: Kevin has worked hard to impress the basketball coach, and he is hoping to be named to the varsity this fall.

Ihsa rules can a freshman start on varsity?

yes they can if you are good enough, i started as a freshman tonight for are first lacrosse game and scored the first goal of the season! they cant say you cannot start as a freshman if you are part of the varsity team, it is the coaches judgment if he thinks you will make an impact.