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yes, if it is a fly ball and it gets caught, any base runner can try to go to the next base. for example, a runner on third tags up on a fly ball. the right fielder catches it in foul territory. as long as the runner on third is on the base or goes back and touches it after leading off, she can try to steal home.

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Q: Can a foul ball ever be a sacrifice fly?
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Is it a sacrifice fly if it is a foul ball and the foul ball is caught?

No. But it is an RBI if a runner scores on the play.But if he doesn't tag up he's out if they throw it to the base he was at.

If a batted ball hits 1st or 3rd base on a fly then rebounds to foul territory on a fly is it a foul ball?

No it is a fair ball

If a fielder standing in foul territory touches a fly ball over fair territory it is a foul ball?

yes it is a foul ball

If a batter hits a ball and it goes over the third base bag but lands foul is this a fair or foul ball?

A ground ball its fair. A fly ball is foul.

If a player is the dead ball area and reaches into foul territory and catches the foul ball is the batter out?

A batter is out anytime a fielder catches a foul fly ball.

What is a foul out?

When the batter hits the ball into foul territory, and an opposing player catches it in foul territory on the fly.

If a fly ball is caught out of bounds is it an out?

Yes as it is still caught on the fly, without touching the ground. Depends on your definition. If a fly ball is caught in "Foul Ground", then yes it is an out. Some leagues, for safety reasons, have an "out of bounds" area beyond foul territory. If a ball is caught there, there is no out and it is considered a foul ball.

A fly ball heading to left field goes over third base fair but the winds take it foul in left field and lands foul in left field is it fair or foul?

It is a foul ball. Beyond 1st or 3rd base, a fly ball is determined to be fair or foul by where it first touches the ground. Since it would have first touched the ground in foul territory, it would be a foul ball.

If a high fly ball is foul and 1st baseman tries to catch it and the ball hits the tip of his glove and bounces off his glove and goes into fair territory is it fair or foul?

It's still foul cause the ball was hit in foul territory. Whether a ball is fair or foul is based on the position of the ball when it is touched. Since the ball was touched when the ball was in foul territory, it would be a foul ball.

If an outfielder juggles and drops a fly ball while in fair territory but the ball is falling foul is the play fair or foul?


If a Sacrifice fly is caught in foul territory is it counted as an at bat?

yes A successful sacrifice fly (ie, a team-mate scores after tagging up), whether the ball is caught in fair or foul territory, is considered neither an at bat nor a hit. It is, however, considered a 'plate appearance.'

A batter hits a fly ball and it lands on the right field foul line is it fair or foul?

The foul line is considered part of fair territory. It would be a fair ball.

Can a base runner be thrown out if a foul ball is hit?

Yes, the ball is still considered foul if the a player catches it. They can be thrown out when trying to tag after the fly ball is caught.

Is it an infield fly if the ball is in foul territory?

No. The infield fly rule is only for fly balls within the infield. The reason for this is so that a defender cannot intentionally drop a fly ball in order to create a double or triple play. If a fly ball is dropped in foul territory, no runners may advance.

Is a sacrifice ball hit caught in foul territory counted as an at bat?

No. As long as it still acted as a sacrifice fly, the at bat would could like a regular at bat. A sacrifice fly would mean that a runner would have to score as a result of the hit.

If the ball hits the line is in or out of play?

One of the mysteries of baseball is that the foul line is "fair." If a fly ball hits the foul line beyond 1B or 3B, the ball is fair.

Is a Fly ball that pases third base in foul territory but curves and lands in fair territory in the outfield fair or foul?

As long as a batted ball doesn't touch anything in foul territory and lands in the outfield it is a fair ball.

Ball goes OVER third base bag but lands in foul territory fair or foul ball?

If a fly ball goes over the third base bag and lands in foul territory, the ball is called foul. If a ground ball goes over the third base bag in the air, the ball is fair regardless of where the next bounce is.

What happens when a fly ball hits the Foul pole?

Foul poles are poles that are placed vertically on a baseball field. They mark the areas where an umpire must look when determining if a ball is foul or fair. If a ball hits the foul pole, it is considered to be fair, and thus a home run.

Is a foul ball playable by the fielding team?

There are basically three areas to consider here: fair territory, foul territory, and out-of-play territory. A ground foul ball is not playable. A fly foul ball is playable if it is not in out-of-play territory. A fly foul ball is not playable if it is in out-of-play territory. An example of out-of-play territory might be a dugout. Out-of-play territory should be defined by the rule book, the ground rules, or by the umpires prior to game time.

What is call when Ball hit outside the two foul lines?

If this all takes place before the ball reaches 1st or 3rd base, you have to wait until the ball comes to rest or is touched by a defensive player. Then, if it is in fair territory at that time, it is a fair ball. If it is in foul territory at that tome, it is a foul ball. If a fly ball hits outside the foul line beyond 1st base or 3rd base, it is a foul ball.

Does a baserunner have to tag up after a foul ball?

No, it is optionalaction. The base runner can tag up anytime a fly ball is hit out of the infield. They can't tag up on a fly ball hit in the infield. They also can tag up on a foul ball hit anywhere on the field but they don't have to.

What is the call on a fly ball that hist the foul pole?

Fair ball, usually judged a home run since usually foul poles are above the outfield fence.

If a fielder catches a foul ball can the runners tag up?

Yes. Runners may tag up and attempt to advance on any fly ball, fair or foul.

If a fielder has one foot in fair territory and one in foul territory and drops a fly ball is it fair or foul?

It depends on the location of the ball, not the location of the fielder or of his feet.