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No, I don't think so.

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Q: Can a football player leave the field onto the other team's sideline?
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If a player is closer to the opposing teams sideline and injured can he leave the field on their side to avoid an injury time out?

No, he cannot he has to take the T.O

If players leave the sideline during a fight on the field are they automatically suspended?

In high school, the ruling is that any player that leaves the bench to participate in a fight, whether it is to help or harm, the player is to be ejected.

What happens if you shout leave it on a football field?


How doe American football players know when to leave the pitch?

American Football players come on and off the "pitch" (field) between plays, at the discretion of the coach. There is no limit to the number of substitutions. There are rules about procedure (must report to the huddle, the player being replaced must leave immediately etc.)

Does a cautioned Goalie have to leave the field?

No. The goalie only has to leave the field if he/she is given a red card, same as any other player.

What to do in order to become a football player?

To become a football player you must have hearts and balls and lots of it. so the main way to become a football player is to lose all fear and leave it off the feild.

How do leave your soccer ball on the ground in the football field in Club Penguin?

to have your ball on your hand and then star dancing

What happens if a player is requested to come out of the pitch by his coach in a game of football but refuse?

AnswerThere is no choice the footballer must come off. If he refused or makes a scene his club would go through him for a short cut, heavily fine them and perhaps transfer list them. AnswerJust to clarify, the referee cannot make the player leave the field unless he has committed a send off offense. The coach may not enter to field to force the player to leave the field. The player's team-mates, particularly the captain, may attempt to convince him to leave the field. No one may force him and he may not be substituted for until he leaves. That said, I imagine his life would get a lot rougher once the match ended.

How long are you out if you are cautioned?

Under the FIFA Laws of the Game, there is no requirement for a cautioned player to leave the field.

Can a player leave the field of play then come on behind the goal a put the ball in the net?

Providing the player is at no time offside, then yes.

Why did Kurt leave glee?

He was being bullied, harassed and threatened by a football player and didn't feel safe in his school.

What variables can affect attendance at a football game?

The football player girlfriend doesn't want him to leave from the bed.