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Q: Can a football player have two red shirts?
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In what movie there are two football players in football shirts numbered 65 and 63 in blue and white colors?

i think its the gridiron gang

What is a sentence for selecting?

If I had to select one out of these two T-Shirts I would choose the red one.

In 1860 did garibaldi and the red shirts invade and conquer the papel states?

the kingdom of Two Sicilies

Can target employees wear red long sleeve shirts?

Yes i worked there for two long years!

What is a red card?

A red card is a given to a player who has been given two yellow cards for foul or behavior issues. In a worst case a player who has been given a straight red card, has Slide tackled so wrongfully that it has gotten the ref's attention. It can also be given for violent behavior. Example a two footed tackle would be a striaght red if you foul the player. Also punching or kicking a player is a straight red card.

Is there a football player who has played for two international teams?


How do cleats affect a player's movement in football?

Having the correct footwear can improve a football player's performance and prevent injury. Those two factors are critical in a sport like football.

What color is freds shirt?

If you mean the memorabilia he sells on youtube and myspace its usually blue and red (two different shirts)

How many player on a football field at once?

Twenty-two people.

Does Kenton Keith the football player have a baby daughter?

He has two sons

What is the plural for shirt?

Shirts. e.g. I have two blue shirts.

How many days does a American football player get in vacation?

You recieve sixty two days.