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Q: Can a football game be abandoned due to excessive scoring?
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What was Colorado football highest scoring football game?


What is the highest scoring SEC football game?


How many points was in the highest scoring football game?


Can a game of football be a replay if it was abandoned and not by rain?


What happen if football math is abandoned?

If a match is abandoned, then the game is replayed-from the beginning-at a later time.

What was Penn State's Highest Scoring Football Game?

The highest scoring football game for Penn State was their 56 to 3 win against Minnesota in 1994. Penn State is currently 2-0.

What was the lowest scoring college football game without a score?


What is the highest scoring monday night football game?

Highest scoring Monday Night Football game took place on November 15, 2010. The Philadelphia Eagles won 59 to 28 against the Washingtion Redskins.

What collage football team scored 1 point in a game?

None, because that's not possible with the scoring system in Football.

What was the score of the highest scoring professional football game?

All I know is you cannot loop without do.

What was the highest scoring British football game?

The highest scoring professional (soccer) game was 32-0. This was in the scottish premier league. Queens of the South defeated New Higlands* 32-0.*New Highlands are no longer a football team.By Oink 48

How many touchdowns touchbacks PATs field goals point after conversions can you make in a game of football?

In a professional football game without limits on scoring a team can score as many points as possible in the sixty (60) minutes of play time. In un-professional leagues, such as Pop Warner Football, there can be scoring limits.