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the goal posts are the same as referees; they're considered part of the field. For example, a pass that is incomplete by hitting the ground is ruled a dead ball. So if you hit the referee with the ball with a pass it is a dead ball same with the goal post.

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Q: Can a field goal attempt that hits the crossbar and caroms back into the field of play be legally caught by an offensive lineman in the end zone for a touchdown?
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Can an onside kick be advanced if kicking team recovers it?

If the kicking team legally recovers an onside attempt, the ball is dead, the clock is stopped, and the kicking team gets the ball for an offensive series at the spot of recovery.

Does the player have to cross the plane of the goal line to be a touchdown or just the football?

As long as the football crosses the plane of the goal line while legally under control in the ball carrier's possession, it's a touchdown regardless of where the player's body is (unless he goes out of bounds before the ball crosses the plane).

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Scoring in hockey, at the most basic level, involves getting the ball or puck over the goaline. In either game, being played by a defender does not affect the scoring of a goal, provided it would otherwise have been legally scored.In field and indoor hockey, the conditions involved are that the ball must be played legally within the circle by an attacker, and then completely cross the line between the posts and underneath the crossbar of the goal, without leaving the circle between those two events.In ice hockey, the puck must be played legally with the stick by an attacker before crossing the goalline between the goalposts and underneath the crossbar.- um no, you have to kick the ball in the hoop.

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The NFL set precedence on December 14, 2008 on what a touchdown reception is. Typically, it is when any part of the ball, legally in possession of a player inbounds, breaks the plane of the opponent's goal line, provided it is not a touchback or when the ball is touched on the pylon before a player goes out of bounds. Apparently, now, it is when the players feet are both in the end zone and the ball is in their possession, but does not break the plane of the opponent's goal line. According to a Google search, the rule regarding pylon touchdown dives was revisited and clarified. Previously, a player just had to have some portion of his body over the goal line or pylon to count a touchdown, but the rule was revised for 2007 to make it necessary to have the ball touch the pylon or break the plane above the pylon to count as a touchdown.

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