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No. It is now treated as an "indirect" start of play. This is a rule change that has happened in Aug 2012. It will now be a GK or CK (unless the goal keeper has touch it, on the way to the goal. So effectively you can not score an Own goal as well.

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Q: Can a dropped ball be scored directly into an opponents goal in socceR?
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Can a goal be scored directly from a corner kick in soccer?


Can a goal be scored in soccer from a start kick?

Yes, a goal can be scored directly from the kick off.

Can you score direct from kick off in soccer?

Yes. A goal may be scored directly from a kick-off, but only against the opponents. See Law 8 of the FIFA Laws of the Game.

Can you score on kick-off in soccer?

A goal may be scored directly from a kick-off.

Is a soccer throw-in direct or indirect?

It is neither direct nor indirect. That said, a goal cannot be scored directly from a throw-in. The restart would be the same as if the score was directly from an indirect free kick. If the ball enters the opponent's goal then it's a goal kick for the opponents. If the ball enters the thrower's goal, then it's a corner kick for the opponents.

Can a soccer keeper score a goal directly from a kick out of his hands?

A goal may be a scored directly from a goal keeper punt.

Can you score on a throw in in soccer?

Not directly, no. Another player must touch the ball before a goal may be scored.

How is soccer scored?

when there are two teams and the teams have to score on the opponents net and when they do it counts as one goal and so on you kick the ball into the net without the golie stopping it.

Who scored the first goal in a soccer game?

anybody could scored first goal in a soccer.

Can a goal be scored in soccer directly from a goal kick without even touching anything even the ground?

Yes it is possible.

Who has scored the most points in a soccer career?

alococin fedricton scored the most points in a soccer career.

Who has scored most goals in soccer?

kaka in brazil scored the most goals in soccer but it is about to be defeated. :D

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